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Bored and craving some English movies I headed for this one… the reviews were good.


The movie starts off on a scary and gross note. The story is this… a virus like Swine Flu has infected the humans on earth… after infenction humans become zombies…. they roam around attacking other humans and feed on them. There is blood oozing out of every hole from their body (a nude female with blood dripping from her boobs is shown)… they grab the human and start eating the flesh… there are zombies shown feeding on intestines and sucking bones.
Most humans have become zombies… except Columbus ‘coz he follows a few rules and carries a gun. Columbus is a geeky guy without any friends and is heading home from college to meet his parents (if they have not become zombies already). On the way he meets another guy whose sole ambition in life is to eat twinkies and kill zombies. They team up together… on the way they meet 2 sisters who rob them off their car and guns… the guys find another car… the girls take them as captives… to cut it short (high time I stopped)… Columbus falls in love with the girl… and all 4 become friends.
The movie is good… funny… end is predictable… but good timepass. But it is gross…

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