Zara India sucks!!!

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This post has been long due. Apologies to anyone who will wish I had written it earlier.
I have raved about Zara on my blog many times… It is one shop I would always visit at Select City walk mall. Recent events have completely put me off… completely.
Here is why:
– Last year in Jan I bought a tee shirt from Zara in the sale. On wearing it I found a tiny hole in it. I was horrified. I paid more than 500 bucks for the tee.
– KC bought linen trousers at regular price (not in sale). After wearing it 2-3 times, it tore… not just a tiny hole but tore all the way
– I gifted my bro a pair of trousers in Dec’12 (not in sale), he wore it once and there was a big hole
– I bought a dress in sale and found a hole on coming home. I bought the dress from Pune and could not go back to get it exchanged

On checking online, I came across articles about low quality of Zara clothes.

This is how it happens- a regular apparel company makes designs and sends them to different factories in different countries where they are created into beautiful clothes. The lead is very high. Zara has capitalized on the concept of new collection every month (in some countries twice a week). All clothes are created in Spain and shipped to different countries. This costs more leading to higher prices. So, while other companies take 3-4 months to get clothes made after a fashion week, Zara stores receive them within a month of seeing them on the runway.
The model is based on the speed. They get their clothes in stores 2 months before other companies. The result is lower quality. Somewhere quality checks are not happening (my perception).

I posted my complaint on the quality on the fb page and many people responded (for as well as against). There are many consumers who faced similar quality problems. The company did not apologize on fb. They sent me a mail separately asking for details on the product. I mailed them pics of the torn dress. They offered an exchange. By then I had already paid the tailor 20 bucks to get repair it. A lady called me and asked me to visit a store for my bro’s trousers’ exchange. I asked her to inform the store since we had not saved the bill. We headed to the Infinity Mall, Malad store. The store manager refused to help. He said he can get it stitched (Yes!!! I am not kidding). I called the lady and asked her to speak to the store. Then the store manager offered us an exchange. But, my bro wanted the same trousers and they did not have it in stock. I requested them for a refund but was refused. We left the store with the torn trousers and got them repaired at a tailor.

I was pissed and hell hath no fury like a Bul(l) scorned. I have ample time on weekends. I went to the Kurla store to investigate. Guess what I found?
– A white top with stains: According to the manager, a customer’s lipstick stained the top. Why was it still hanging on the rack?
– A tee shirt with a hole. Manager had no answers for this
– I went to try on a gorgeous looking red skirt and found the inner lining was faulty

I am totally disgusted. Does Zara think that they can enter developing countries and sell trash at ridiculous prices?
I have stopped shopping after this incident. The store has lost its charm. And the reason the customer service is so bad is ‘coz they KNOW they are selling defective clothes. They have not apologized even once.
Compare this to other companies where there is a complaint book. On writing a complaint, I have even received a call offering me a free product as a replacement (e.g Forest Essentials).

Beware if you shop at this store. It sucks!!!

3 thoughts on “Zara India sucks!!!

  1. Reading this was Deja Vu..

    Well trust me it isn’t just about the developing countries..
    I was in a developed country for a long time and I got the same pathetic quality.
    Irony of life.. I bought from Zara Spain ( Where it belongs) and ended up paying for the inferior quality… For what’s worth at both the places I returned the faulty stuff and got every cent back(Literally).

    That’s what happens when your concept to store life is just about 2 weeks!!

  2. “I was pissed and hell hath no fury like a Bul(l) scorned” – liked that line! I remember your FB posts, was surprised to see a reputed store like Zara resorting to such tactics.

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