You know you are in Mumbai when:

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  • Everything comes at a price
  • Even 15 days after Diwali the postman (who is visiting for the 1st time) does not hesitate to demand ‘Diwali money’
  • There are only 2 seasons- summer and monsoons
  • Reading about a couple’s suicide in the building complex next to yours is part of news with the morning coffee
  • You realize there will be traffic on every road at peak hours…. 8 am to 11 pm are peak hours
  • Sounds of traffic become your lullaby
  • Everything can be home delivered from… medicines to plants to DVDs to groceries
  • 7% of your annual salary is your home deposit… 20% of take home monthly salary is rent
  • You lose all fascination for the sea… enjoying sea view demands hours of travelling
  • You can be out as late as you want without worrying too much about safety
  • You are not surprised to see people sleeping anywhere… footpath, road, divider
  • You start following traffic signals
  • You can bribe your way through most offences
  • The lesser money you have… the more arrogant you are

4 thoughts on “You know you are in Mumbai when:

  1. Brilliant. You may already know you are, but me saying that won’t hurt much. 😉 I sincerely admire your articulation and attentiveness. You ought to make money writing, especially from the skill of saying too much in too little.

  2. Wow… thanks. I am honoured. I would love to make writing my career but the idea of being compelled to write instead of choosing to write is what stops me.
    There should be something in life we do for ourselves and not for money.

  3. Nice post.
    1. The one about people sleeping anywhere is so true.
    2. If you’re only paying 20% of your take home as rent, you sure are making a lot of money sister.(or living rough)

  4. Thanks… People sleeping anywhere is quite scary. One could run over them in their cars (which happens all the time).
    I am living in Central suburbs where rents are lower than in Western suburbs… how about that?

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