You are a serious runner when…

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– Definition of a serious runner on this blog-

  • It is not someone who runs 100 loops around their building. Ugh!!! It’s like wearing ugly clothes and saying ‘Why am I ugly?’ That kind of running is super boring
  • It is someone who runs half marathons and marathons (of course). Ultra marathons are not even a dream right now to mention here
  • It is not someone who has run 1 half marathon to show off. I come across so many of these. Dude/dudess- anyone can run a half marathon with training. It’s not that big a deal. The challenge is to continue running when the surprise, appreciation and aura about the first half marathon has died down. The real challenge is when you make new goals everyday irrespective of whether you meet them or not
  • Where do I stand? 3 half marathons under my belt, many more to come, dream is to run a full marathon this year and consistently reduce my timing in every half marathon

You are a serious runner when….

– You do not think it’s wise to part with 2k for a party dress but will scrape and save to spend 7k on a good pair of running shoes

– You want to slap people who ask about timing. If you are not a serious runner, just be happy with the fact that I ran 21 km. You won’t understand what timing is. You won’t understand the effort, training and mindset that goes into shaving off even 1 minute from the timing. And if you haven’t run more half marathons than me then my timing is not up for discussion. But if you are a more experienced runner or if you have run a full marathon, please contact me. I will be happy to pay for your coffee for some advice. This is a big deal- because I hate to socialize- whether with strangers or even people I know or even with friends (best friends always welcome) and am a Sindhi so I hate to pay for people who don’t pay back. And I always remember… like, someone still owes me 400 bucks for a movie we watched together. And with interest, it’s already 500 bucks. Kidding. No, am not.

– You are gobsmacked when people ask you ‘How much can you run before you stop or walk?’. Seriously? I am supposed to count that? And when you tell them ‘Atleast 1 km’, they look unimpressed. Because they have no idea what 1 km is like.

  • 1 km is forever on a hot and sunny day
  • 1 km equals 10 mins on a bad day and 7 km on a pretty good day
  • 1 km is your warm up distance
  • 1 km is the cool down distance

– You are fashionable but not a spendthrift when it comes to workout apparels or footwear. And forever grateful to brands like Nike for their superb quality which lasts years and years. My Nike tracks easily last me 5 years and even then I have to force myself to lose weight just for an excuse to discard them because they still look as good as new. I hate Adidas designs, Puma quality sucks and haven’t bought Reebok bottoms. I haven’t bought a new pair of bottoms in atleast a year. If you are spending a lot of money on the workout clothes or footwear, you are doing something wrong

– You pay to run long distances e.g ADHM, SCMM etc. Regular people think that’s stupid and illogical but you know each of these runs is a big learning. It’s not just about timing. Each such run teaches you humility. You learn that ultimately you only compete with yourself. Because no matter how fast or how slow you are… there is always someone ahead or behind you. Every half marathon has made me more aware about my body and it’s strengths and weak points

– You get very annoyed when people tell you to ‘slow down’. If you are above me in terms of fitness level (refer to point 2 about having run more half marathons than me), I will listen to you. But else, please don’t waste my and your time. My physiotherapist refused to make me wear insoles and stuff. He said “You are an athlete. Let’s treat you like one”

– You have a crush on your gym trainer instead of singers/actors/stand up comedians etc etc. Because you know how much effort and sacrifice it takes to get there. While singers and actors have talent… when it comes to fitness, it’s all about will power, determination and correct knowledge. They are the real heroes in your life

– Your most important task of the day (running) is done even before your family wakes up

– You want to cry after a bad run…. but don’t … because the endorphins make you happy and positive. Only you appreciate the determination and will power to have completed the bad run

– You run no matter what the weather- hot, sunny, rains, cold, freezing cold and when the weather is very uncomfortable – you brave the boring treadmill

– Your entire fitness regime is designed to make you a better runner

– You are asleep by 10 pm on Saturday nights because Sunday is long run day. Any socializing is possible only on Friday or Sunday nights. Even better, all socializing is restricted to lunches without booze

– You don’t run when you are injured because there are more runs to come and you need the limbs

– When you look at roads you evaluate their potential for the next long run. Is it safe? Is it accessible? Does the thought of running on it make me orgasm? What is the distance? What about the traffic? What time will there be traffic? Where will I stretch post run?

– You explore your city by running. I have run in DLF phase 1, DLF Phase 4, Golf course road, Gurgaon to Qutab Minar on the metro line, Gurgaon to Saket, Gurgaon to Select citywalk and next weekend I want to run at Lodhi Gardens (been on my bucket list for a while now)

– You read books on running

– You know the meaning of interval runs, tempo runs, long runs, slow runs and add them to your training

Ciao. Now I need to have b’fast and take a shower.


2 thoughts on “You are a serious runner when…

  1. I am laughing so hard here.. Very nicely written post. I think I will take a leaf from this blog and will post my version that is if you are okay with that.
    How much can you run before you stop or walk?’ I get so irritated with this question..

    Talking about the timing, I do ask people every now and then but not to compare it with mine. I get inspired after hearing stories – running, timing and experience they are all a part of that story..

    And also, insoles really helped me out when I was battling with injuries one after the other (It was a bad phase) and being flat footed didn’t help either..

    • Hey… I would be very interested in reading your take on this.
      As for insoles, they obviously help and that’s why they exist. But in genuine cases. Some doctors believe in prescribing everything for all levels of injuries.

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