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Hiya. I just returned from Mumbai. It was a one day trip for Rakshabandhan. Some festivals are huge in Gujarat… Janmashthmi, Holi, Diwali, Rakhi, Uttarayan. I guess I mentioned them all. Tieing a Rakhi has been a life long tradition. Even now cousins we may not be in touch with, send Rakhis for my bro. Actually, their mothers send it… just like my Mom sends Rakhis across to my cousins on my sis and my behalf. It was hectic but worth it. My Mom also lent me all her warm clothes which are much needed for this week’s trip.

The other day I was thinking how I do not get hit on anymore. I wondered if its because I am older and men my age are all hooked up. Or maybe I am never in a situation where I give someone the opportunity… like in a pub or club. I was not being vain.. the thought crossed my mind and it was reinforced by this incident:
I was in GIP Mall with some time to kill. I went to Om Book Store to buy some books. While browsing the bestsellers section a guy approached me and asked for recommendations. Sounds innocent enough? I replied saying; “I don’t know” and walked away to the billing counter. Instinct told me he was hitting on me. As a female, I never ever ignore my instincts. Anyway, instead of being flattered I wanted to reply; “Play with girls your own age and leave me alone”. I am not pretty, I don’t flirt, I do not have time to make small talk and make friends with strangers at random places. Nope… I am not boring. I have been there, done that and am happy I do not have to do it again.
I remembered how carefree, trusting and risk free I was as a teenager. It almost seems stupid now. Thankfully, nothing seriously bad happened to me. It was a good time and I’m happy I indulged in all of it.
Below are some memories from those times:
  • After passing out of a girls school in 10th (where there was little scope for interaction with guys), I was completely focussed on studies in 11th and 12th std. I went out just once… with my best friend. All interactions were limited to coaching and school. While going for my tuitions one day, a guy followed me on the bike and asked me; “Do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar”. I knew it was a line but decided to meet him after my tuitions. Don’t ask why. I have no idea. I was bored. We talked and it was really boring. We decided to meet again the next day. Don’t ask why. I couldn’t say no. I said yes and planned to ditch him. Only problem was he knew where I had my tuitions. To cut it short, I didn’t stop for him. He followed me for some distance and then gave up.
  • The internet opened unimaginable avenues when I joined college. Hours were spent chatting before college opened. I met numerous guys from the net. Again, very risky. Its something I wouldn’t dream of doing now. But then, heart made the decisions and the head followed. When college opened, I met college mates through the internet. Some are still friends… others have moved… some ended up being boyfriends for a short period… and there were many many lies exchanged. Some rules were followed while chatting- general chat was the norm, private messaged were exchanged only when someone seemed interesting, ASL (age sex location) were never given out correctly in general chat, chat was followed up with phone calls and then a meeting. There was this guy who I had planned to meet and then decided to ditch at the last moment (For some reason, I did THAT a lot). There were no cell phones and I didn’t want to call and cancel. Teenage guys can be persuasive to the point of desperate. After making him wait for half an hour, I decided to make an appearance. He told me how he stays in a conservative joint family, girls cannot call/come home and the internet is the only place where interaction is possible. Internet was an excellent medium for exploration.
  • During one of my on again and off again relationship during college, a guy who was a friend’s friend asked me out. I agreed. He was an interesting dude and had a crush on me for quite sometime. Well, he talked non stop for an hour. I did not get a word in… neither did the waiter. We didn’t order… he just talked. I was ready to shoot myself. Finally, I made my excuses and left
Looking back, I am glad the dating game is finally over and I am settled.
Sometimes, the thought that the excitement, craziness, risk taking and heartbreak will never come again.
But then again, do any of us need any of these back in our life?
Tata…. I will be back on Sunday. Adios till then…Hoping to have a fab trip.

5 thoughts on “Yoohoo

  1. It’s kinda sad that the way you treated the guy at the bookstore. It certainly doesn’t hurt to be courteous with a person, whether he was hitting on you or not.There are other ways to say that you aren’t interested, you know.

  2. @ KC: I guess so… you have doubts?

    @ Anita: Lol… I know what you mean… but sometimes the truth needs to be acknowledged… even in fiction

    @ Anonymous: I cannot be courteous to strangers… there are many crazy people out there… rapists, stalkers, bad mouthers, molesters etc etc etc. I don’t want to be the lady who was stupid enough to be courteous to a guy who hit on her and then he stalked her. Women are always on their guard… and they need to be.

    @ Mahesh: In the next post

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