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I read this book for the 2nd time and loved every word of it… was ROTFL (Rolling on the floor with laughter). The best part is it is real and accurate.
The book is about Jim Hacker who was a Cabinet Mininster in Britain. He kept a diary of his daily activities. This book is a collection of his diary events but presented such that every event is complete. Jim is a clueless minister and realizes how the Civil Service tries to control the ministers and prevent them from doing anything. Jim, Humphrey and Bernard are the funniest characters ever.
This book was converted into a series which was televised on BBC. Catch the series if you can. The CDs are available in Crossword.

There was a Hindi version called ‘Jee Mantriji’ starring ‘Farooque Sheikh’ as Jim Hacker. It was a very good adaptation but went off air too soon.

Do read it…

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  1. I was fulltoosh ROFL last night around 2 am when somebody in the neighborhood interrupted the euphoria by yelling ‘if they do not have right to peace in the middle of the night’ or words of some such effect.
    I was looking for some clever/witty book and many thanks for your recommendation about the ‘Yes Minister’. I reached your blog through RT’s … Thanks to RT too 😉

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