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I know what time it is. But sometimes when am afraid I won’t wake up on time, my mind does this thing where it wakes me up earlier and I can’t sleep because am just thinking about stuff. Yeah, it is a very evolved mind.

I am not going to write what I was thinking about but I will dance around the subject. I had a new realization today – to resolve your feelings about something personal, you need to take yourself away from the centre and move away. Remember when I explained this with the example of a room in an earlier blog post? Well, you can do that with everything except the most crucial issues. Because sometimes, we put a bandage on a festering wound hoping it will heal itself. My dear friends, I just realised that you are burying it deep down but not resolving anything or coming to terms with it. Every time you open the bandage a little and take a peek, you realise the wound is still as fresh as ever. There is puss, a horrible smell and I imagine it to be like a fire in a pit. The flames are leaping out trying to reach you and burn you. So, you put the bandage back because you are not ready to be burned yet.

But the only way to put out the fire is to get burned yourself. Until then, the wound will not heal.

What happens next? How do you do this? Well, I don’t have answers to those yet. And right now, I don’t see myself ever being strong enough to risk getting burned.

Adios. I need to get dressed for my run. It is early but I prefer early mornings to late nights.

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