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I haven’t baked cakes/cupcakes in a while because it is quite a bother:

  • They are quite unhealthy and I end up eating crap unnecessarily
  • I have to buy huge quantities of ingredients just to bake one cake. The ingredients expire after a few months and are thrown away. Complete waste of money. It is cheaper to just to buy the pastry from another bakery
  • It is just the two of us and how much can we eat? None of the recipes are for only 2 people. Anything I bake will be sufficient for 4 or more people

But this year I wanted to make a rum cake. I made a plum cake few years back and it turned out ok so this time I wanted to make the authentic one. Through google, I came across a slightly complicated recipe here. I shopped for all the ingredients at Modern Bazaar which stocks baking ingredients. They cost me 3000 bucks and am going to bake 10 cakes to finish off all of it.


I also bought a bundt cake pan for baking. On Tuesday night, I soaked the candied fruits (apple, peach, papaya, strawberry etc), tutti fruiti, candied peels, dry fruits, candied cherries in rum. Chopping all of it was a very boring task. I also made the caramel syrup (melt sugar in 2 tbsp water in a pan on the gas and stir it till it becomes a dark syrup).


Soaked in rum


My first time making a caramel syrup


On Friday night, I was quite restless and decided to start baking. The batter was a lot and I had to use another small bundt pan and a cookies tray to finish it up. It took me 2.5 hours to make the batter and bake everything. I messed up one step – I used egg whites instead of yolks and vice versa. It didn’t compromise on the taste but the texture. My cake broke when I flipped it over to remove it. Maybe, it needed to be cooled or it broke because of the eggs. The rum oozed out of every pore of the fruits and gave me a heady kick. The rum gives the cake a very tangy flavour.

It is supposed to be kept in the fridge for 2-3 days and rum needs to be brushed everyday to keep it moist.




This cake requires a lot of effort but is worth it. It is not overly sweet- just the way I like my desserts. What I liked about the recipe were the detailed instructions and also information about what could go wrong. The comments were also useful. I am going to bake more of these in the next 1 month and give them to everyone I meet. So, do make it a point to catch up with me. Hopefully, the next batch will be perfect.

I went to Binge (bakery in the neighbourhood) and tasted their plum cake. The only difference was that the taste of spices (ginger, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, cardamom, clove) was stronger and I preferred that too. So, in my next batch I will double the quantity of the spices powder.

Did you know that people soak their fruits in rum upto a year in advance for this cake?


I would love to taste THAT cake.


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