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Hiya. I have been so exhausted and busy since the Vaishnodevi trip. 3 days break meant a backload and current load. And there are only so many hours in a day and I cannot work at nights. Its just not worth it. I had a review and then there preparation for a market visit. Everything else went on a back burner.
Apart from work, a lot has been going on:

 On my way back from work, I stopped at New Friends Colony Market for a bite. I had not eaten b’fast or lunch that day. I parked my car, entered McD, took the food, sat down at a table and had a bite. A lady approached me; “Can I sit here?”

Me: Sure. (If I was not so hungry I would have realized that half of the outlet was empty and she asked to sit at my table)

Her: There is a guy following you
Me: Huh???? (Open mouth… no words)
Her: I was outside the outlet and I saw a guy follow you and enter. He is sitting on the other table
Me: Huh?
Her: Do you understand English
Me : (recovering) Ok. But I just entered and I am just leaving.
The man was sitting opposite and saw us looking at him and pointing. He quickly finished his ice cream and left. He wandered outside looking around and the woman showed me that.
I was so freaked out. I left the food, rushed to my car and left.
Scary. Thank god, I do not go to NFC.. ever. And thank god, this did not happen anywhere near my house. And thank god, I had a car and did not have to use public transport. I don’t know what that guy was trying to do. Follow me… to where? All the way home? For what?
 KC and my life was revolving around water last week. Since summers have arrived, the water situation has worsened. I have not faced major issues in my building but last week the supply was affected. The water was available from 5- 8 am and 5-8 pm. Weird timing. We had to wake up earlier and finish bath. My maid had to come earlier and finish the work. I would rush home from work and rush to the washing machine all the while praying that the water is supplied for an hour extra. Gym was out of the question… getting sweaty in the heat and then no water for a shower was out of the question. On Saturday, KC woke up late and there was no water for bath. He had to wait till evening to take a bath and leave home. On Sunday, I woke him up early. He took a bath and went back to sleep. Thankfully, things are ok now. The only time I have faced such a situation was in boarding school in Mt Abu. We took a bath on alternate days only and head bath was once a week.
  • On Monday I woke up to body ache, head ache, cold, fever and a pukish feeling. I still had to go to work. There was no scope for taking the day off. It is so so so so so bloody hot and I cannot stop drinking cold water. My nose is running and yet I cannot bring myself to drink warm water.
  • Apart from water, we are dealing with electricity woes. Yes, it was always bad in Gurgaon and we didn’t feel the pinch since there is power back up. But now it is worse, in one hour at night… the electricity will go and come atleast 4 times. It is very irritating. At night I woke up at 3.30 am when the electricity was cut off. I couldn’t sleep for quite sometime. Its sad… Gurgaon is called the “Millenium City” but there is no public transport (apart from some metro stations) or electricity or water or safety or street lights. Sad…
  • We are moving out of this flat. Our landlord’s broker made our life hell from day one. Our own broker was no use. I am still pissed with KC for paying him the entire money. We renewed the lease on the current flat since moving out would be an added expense but the landlord’s broker sent us her “bill” for services provided. We refused to pay and decided to move out. Hope she goes to hell soon. So next 2 weeks are going to be hectic with moving. We have yet to start any of it.
  • We went for pre dinner pre movie supper to Chillis. We had visited the outlet in Mumbai on the recommendation of an acquaintance. It was a bad experience then… the food sucked. The cheese was too heavy and tasted pukish. I wanted to try again since I have seen the outlet in Vasant Kunj Mall always packed. We ordered a sandwich and fries in some ranch sauce and iced tea. I had to ask for water twice. I hate restaurants that do not serve water and have to be reminded. How expensive is water? How can you not serve the basic need of a person? Everyone serves water first to a guest… how can a restaurant not? Strange. Food arrived but drinks did not. I reminded the waiter. He had forgotten. We finished our food… no sign of drinks. When he brought it, I told him we have finished eating. Instead of apologizing, he took away the drinks. He did not even ask us. Then comes the bill… and they bloody charged me 10% for service. If I am happy with the service, the maximum I would pay anywhere is 5%… 10% is stealing from me. In Gurgaon, most restaurants have a service charge. I refused to pay the service charge. Why pay for something I did not get. They deducted the amount from the bill since they have opened recently and a ruckus with a customer will not look good.
Whew… long post… and I have more… but I will wait for 1-2 days. Until then, next post is on books and movies. 🙂

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  1. You only wrote water is expensive then why waste it for people who dont want it 😉
    people will take a sip and leave the glass so better to provide it only when being asked… 😉

  2. @ RT: Grrr…. never going to a restaurant which cannot serve water.
    I like Delhi… the only thing better about B’glore is the weather and maybe lower rents. Else, I do not mind it so much.

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