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Anita’s comment has inspired me to write about my workout schedule in detail.

I am not new to trying to lose weight. Thankfully, I have succeeded in the past and also maintained it. I did not yo-yo diet but ate healthy and worked out regularly. After moving to Mumbai, I did continue the same for sometime but loneliness, depression and unhappiness made me care less and less. I remember telling KC- ‘You are my mojo. When you are not around I don’t feel like taking care of myself’.

Anyway… weight loss should equal fat loss and muscle gain. Both need to happen to be fit. There are 2 ways to lose weight- reduce calorie intake by eating healthy and burn calories by working out. Simple.

In terms of workout, I hate cardio. Running on a treadmill is the most boring thing in the world. The thought of 45 mins in a gym doing cardio makes me come up with many, many excuses. I found an effective substitute- jogging/walking/running. My aim is to cover 5 km in 30 mins. I am currently clocking 4.5 km in 45 mins. Long way to go. It is such a simple activity… put on a pair of shoes, eat an apple (always eat a fruit before exercise), jog/power walk/run for 45 mins while listening to music. Awesome. I also use the app ‘runtastic pro’ (available on windows/android/ios) to track my distance/pace/speed/calories burned.

At the gym, I spend time weight training. This is very important to build muscles. Muscles tone up the body and they burn calories even at rest. My instructor is a tyrant and really pushes me hard. Whenever I am tempted to cheat, I remember all the times instructors did not give personal attention in Gold’s Gym at Mumbai and how pissed it made me. I generally go to the gym from 8-9 pm. This is how my schedule works out… I come home between 6.15 and 6.30 pm (yep, office is 10 mins away). The cook turns up at 6.45 pm. She finishes cooking at 7.30 or 7.45 pm. I reach gym by 8 pm and it closes at 9 pm. At this hour the instructor is also tired and does not push me as hard as he normally would. Not that he makes life any easy.

The 3rd kind of workout I do is Jazz. This is more of an interest than exercise. My 1 hour Jazz class has pilates, stretches, split and of course dance. It is the perfect workout.

This is what last week’s schedule looked like. I planned 7 hours and managed 6 hours. What I missed on a particular day, I made up on the next day. This way, I have some mornings and other evenings free. I can re-schedule in case something comes along.


This is what my diet looks like:


I don’t know if it is right or wrong, it is all a matter of trial and error.

Btw, before you start following it… I have not yet lost even 1 gram or 0.01 inch.

Here are some things I need to remember:

– Planning… planning is everything. I carry 4-5 dabbas to office everyday. The menu is planned every weekend. I research healthy recipes in advance and stock up the ingredients.

– Keep motivated. In case of stray thoughts or temptations, I read up on fitness all the time. I have a kindle app and flipkart ebooks app on my phone and ipod touch. I download samples of fitness books and buy them if they are interesting. Reading all the time keeps me motivated

– Daily reminder. I bought a white board last week and have written down the menu and workout schedule on it. It is kept near my bed… a daily reminder (morning and night) of how much I have accomplished. There is nothing better than putting a red cross against the diet and schedule followed. (KC thinks I am losing it)

– Forgive myself. In case I miss a workout or eat unhealthy, I forgive myself. I make up the next day. Friday night dinner was my cheat meal. We went to Barbeque nation. I had a little dessert with my meal. The good part was I could not take a 2nd serving of any kebab… did not touch the main course… and had a little piece of dessert only. My appetite has naturally decreased. Anyway, on Sunday I had my chums and was down… depressed… upset… I tucked myself under the blanket… played ‘The Practice’ on the laptop… and hogged on a snickers… 10 Alpenliebe jelly candies… some Mango sorbet ice cream… and waffles at 10 pm. But, its ok. I probably gained back all my calories yesterday… but its ok. Baby steps.

– De-junk. I don’t buy junk though KC does. But, our junks differ so I never eat his junk. (Hahahaha). If there is no junk, you cannot eat junk. Simple. You either eat something healthy or starve.

– I have not stopped eating potatoes or rice. I know they are my enemies but I don’t want to give up even before I start. I love my potatoes… and rice. I try and reduce the intake to 2-3 times in a week but giving them up is impossible.

Thats it then. Wish me luck. I am confident slowly and steadily I will lose the fat… tone up my body… and maybe even get some muscles and abs. Plus, I hope I can continue this all my life.

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