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I was in Hyderabad for 3 days for a sales workshop and it was kindof ok. I had carried my gym wear and planned to use the gym in the 5 star hotel. As soon as the agenda was circulated, I chalked out my gym time. On the 1st day, there were 2 hours free before dinner and I rushed for the treadmill. Who do I meet there? 2 senior marketing guys working out. I decided not to mention it to anyone to avoid people from thinking I was stalking them to network. I slept early but could not wake up in the morning for the gym. Thankfully, the session ended early and I rushed to the gym for some cardio. This time it was packed… with around 10 people there. Wow!!! Fitness freaks or networking place? And I thought I was the only one with the idea of working out. Anyway, the next function started at 7.30 pm. I decided to go late and make full use of the bath tub. Have you noticed that a lot of hotels have moved to the shower cubicle now? I think bath tubs are still a luxury… but cannot be used daily. I relaxed with ‘The Practice’ on my ipod and a coke. The booze party started at 8.30 pm and I was there to make an appearance. The first conference in any company is always boring… I didn’t know many people and didn’t have friends. I am also not comfortable enough to just start dancing with unknown people. In my previous organization, I spent any free time sleeping in my room for this reason. I am also very unreliable in such situations. Generally, there is always a female who banks on me for company and I ditch. In the previous organization, I would leave without informing because I knew telling her would not help. I did the same this time… told X I am going to the room for something and will be back. I slept… :).

Why do companies have drinks? I don’t get it. Drinking is bad for health… it gets people high… makes them lose control. So, this is what is done. Companies get men to lose control around women. Are they kidding me? And please don’t say… nothing happens. I have seen enough to know that even the most sober decent man can become a creep when he is high. And no, people don’t know how much to drink and what is the limit. There was a time when we were going abroad for a conference. Since the flight was late night, the plan was to go out for drinks and dinner and then onto the airport directly. So, guys drank… and drank… and drank. They were all drunk on the flight. When liquor was served on the flight… they drank some more… and then puked throughout. Yuck!!!

As a woman, I would never ever drink more than 2 glasses (30 ml each) of liquor at an office party and even that rarely. I don’t remember the last I had more than 1 glass at an official party. I know my limit and stick to that. Lets admit it, 90% of the men will never be in the same room with a female drinking and dancing except for these parties. I am not saying women cannot and should not drink… to each his own. I am saying men should not drink… 🙂

I missed my previous organization a lot and kept questioning my decision. But I questioned the decision to join that organization when I was new there. So, grass is always greener on the other side. From knowing everyone and being friends with so many… to knowing very few people and having no friends is damn difficult. I just focussed on other things- healthy food (or avoiding desserts), gym, music, talking to KC on the phone, sleeping…

The no brainer is…. I hate networking… and never do so during booze parties. And thats ok. There are different ways to further a career. I believe in letting my work speak for itself and if someone is deaf and blind to hear/see it… fuck it… its just not worth it. There are always people who believe it is better to shut up than speak up. I disagree. Everyone is different… and the diversity should be encouraged instead of suppressed.

Ciao. I want to blog more… 7-8 posts in a month is such sad. Specially when so much is going on.

Events to look forward to:

– 7-9th Feb: ComiCon in Delhi. I just booked the tickets and am excited. I have never been to this event before

– 16th March: Marathon at Buddh International Circuit. Fees- Rs 1200. I have participated in the 10 km run. It is too early for 21 km. The objective is to get a timing certificate which will help in enrolling for the Airtel Half Marathon in November’14.


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