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I had this discussion with 2-3 people simultaneously (thanks to facebook, WhatsApp and face to face conversation) the other day.

Having a hobby is so important… specially if you have a stressful job. Somedays I wonder why am not frustrated. I won’t get into details but I have a very genuine reason to be frustrated. But am not. The only reason is because of all my extra curricular activities. I have noticed this change in KC too. Earlier, the 20 minutes drive to his office in the car = cribbing about going to work on Mondays. I haven’t heard him complain even once since he started playing cricket over the weekends. Considering, regretting every decision of his life is his favourite past time, this is quite a turnaround.

*He hasn’t regretted marrying me… YET…. atleast not aloud*

What I have learned is that having a hobby makes it easier to turn off from work after office hours. Only people who don’t have a life talk shop after 6 pm. It is not cool anymore to work long hours. It just isn’t.

Preferably, after work hours should include some sort of physical activity because

Exercise = pheromones = more energy and enthusiasm = happiness

Exercise also gives you energy to do more in a day and keep you motivated. When am on track with my workouts, I feel alive. My cribbing is restricted to facebook only on those days.

If you have a stressful job, start a physical activity for 1 month and see the change. If you don’t see a difference, I will refund the money you paid to read this blog. I swear.

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