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“She then goes to drop her daughter to the bus stand at 7.30 am and is usually in office by 9.30 am. Since Nishita gets home by 5.30 pm George makes it a point to be home by 6.30 pm”

— Cover story on Shubha George, COO, South East Asia of the media agency MEC
in India Today Woman May 2010
How many men/women do you know who work from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm? I don’t know any. Why? Why do companies think they own us? I am surprised when people message or call me after 8 pm… what can I accomplish after 8 pm? Nothing. Is it possible for a human being to work more than 8-9 hours in a day? Nope…
I don’t like to take breaks at work… I’d rather come on time and leave on time instead of sauntering in late… taking long breaks and then pretending to work late hours. Nobody is fooled.
Another smart tactic companies employ is scheduling events on Sunday… It saves one day of work… How are employees expected to be enthusiastic about work on Monday if they have spent the weekend with colleagues… even if it is in Goa or abroad. What about time with family?
Whats the point of working and earning so much if you cannot spend quality time with family everyday… and indulge in hobbies?
I know of this person whose b’day it was. He wanted to rush home early … actually on time… but the Boss and colleagues would not. They wanted to party with them… dragged him for dinner along. He waited patiently checking his watch after few minutes. Finally, he managed to get out of it. I am sure his wife gave him hell.
Socialising after work is an evil of corporate life. It may or may not accomplish anything… but is considered to be necessary. I hate this part and avoid it as much as possible. I can’t wake up early if I sleep late and tired.
Whatever happened to ‘Early to bed, early to rise… makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’?

4 thoughts on “Work Life Balance

  1. it says MAN, not woman 😛 u crazy woman… Sleep late, go to work late… and drink like crazy is the new mantra…


  2. U cant go early to bed watever u do!!!
    Socialising is also done in various forms and the form u suggested is not agreeable..though there mite be other better forms 😉

  3. @ KC: Is that what you have been following? No wonder you are not wise… like me

    @ Sundeep: What?

    @ RT: And what are the forms of socialising in the corporate world? I haven’t heard of any other. Please enlighten me. And why can’t I go to bed early? Don’t I have that much right? Will my company decide when I should sleep?

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