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The other day I was speaking to someone and we were debating over being passionate about work. The answer would be simple if we were in a creative field where we get to create something original. But as corporate slaves, I don’t understand the concept of being attached to what you do.

My friend said that he really enjoys what he does, it is constantly on his mind and he would never hire someone who couldn’t work with his head, heart and soul. I almost laughed. The self importance we attach to our trivial jobs is hilarious. I told him maybe he doesn’t have anything better in his life to compare to his work. Can the books I read or movies or plays I watch or the treks I go on or my fitness journey ever compare to my job. Nope. Never. Ever. Because other things in my life are so interesting that work can never compare to it.

Also, you can’t make decisions correctly if feelings are attached to them. What if you have to let someone go? You have to listen to your head exclusively. There is no space for the heart or the soul. They should be left at the door of your workplace. Involving your heart means you can never detach from work. That is dangerous.

Yesterday a popular handle on Twitter asked for advice on joining her first job. Most people advised her to leave work at work and maintain a work life balance. So many people tell me that work life balance is not in their hands. That is absolute crap. I know people in the highest positions who end work on time. You aren’t saving the world. If you can’t sell your bullshit in 8-9 working hours, something is terribly wrong in your life. We are just tiny specks on this planet and nobody cares. It is as simple as that.

While we are on the topic, can people please stop talking about their work? It is the least interesting thing about a person. Why would I care about your career or how much you earn or what you do for a living? You are a whore like everyone else and we are just selling inconsequential stuff nobody gives a shit about.


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