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Whenever you join a new organisation, there is a period when one misses the old place and people. From knowing and being known by everyone, you are a stranger in a new place. It is un-nerving and not fun at all. And it takes years to get comfortable. Which is also why jumping organisations within one year is never recommended unless you are absolutely sure it is the wrong place for you.

That happened to me the first time I switched jobs. I don’t remember at what point I felt like I belong but I do know that my manager (the only person in that place) made the effort to make me feel like am a part of things. When I switched jobs for a 2nd time, I spent quite a bit of time wondering if I had made the right decision. The realisation that I belong hit me 2 days back on the office trip to Vizag. This is going to sound like a cliche but I felt like a part of the family.

Tomorrow is my first day in the new role. Maybe 6 months later, I will regret the move. Maybe I will wonder if it was worth staying apart from KC. Maybe I will get frustrated and hate going to work everyday. Maybe I will wish I hadn’t put my professional ambitions before my personal life.

But today, I don’t feel that way.

Today, this is the my biggest career move; made more significant by the fact 80% of my colleagues won’t get this opportunity.

Today, it seems worth it.

Today, am going to give it my 100% and work as hard as I can.

There is a reason am in Mumbai and not in Bangalore. I am needed here for something, I just don’t know what, yet.

I will let the plan unfold in it’s own sweet time.

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