Women’s Liberation

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I am confused about women’s reservations. Is it a good or bad? Do reservations uplift a community or discriminate against them?

On one hand, women always get the special/inferior treatment…
  • Seats reserved on buses in Chennai
  • Special women’s only buses in B’glore
  • Women’s compartments in Mumbai local trains
  • Dowry, arranged marriage… all of them discriminate against women
  • Any woman pays on first date???? No way!!! Would any woman date a guy who makes her pay on the 1st date??? Never!!!
  • B-schools try and keep a guy-girl ratio among students

And many many more.

On the other hand, we do need women involved in politics. Another function where women will bring about change is in sales… sales is dirty, rugged profession. Women will make it cleaner and more humane.
I have seen people’s reactions on encountering people from backwards castes/classes. Reason? Reservations. Instead of uplifting them, it is their identity. Do we, women want that?
I guess not… so, I am against reservations. I am not the weaker sex… If you want to uplift us (no dirty thoughts) please change your perspective and thinking…

Thanks Sonia… but we do not want the label of being weak.

6 thoughts on “Women’s Liberation

  1. The reservations are good, but their implementation is always poor. It takes guts to go into politics. We all have opinions about politics, but do we really care?

  2. @ RT: Yoohoo… women power

    @ Sundeep: I prefer an educated, upright, young male politician to a woman elected due to reservations. What has gender got to do with it?

  3. I have stayed in Gurgaon for 9 months.. did not venture out after 8 pm even in the market near the house… ‘coz it is unsafe. And thats why I prefer Mumbai

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