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Winter is the biggest challenge for any runner. The torture starts from the time you have to wake up early morning till you finish your run. Here is the step by step torture one goes through:

  • Waking up in the morning. The difference between summer and winters is the sunrise. It shouldn’t matter much if you are running in a group or around your society. Even though it is dark at 6.30 am, people still run at that hour. My problem is that I cannot wake up when it’s dark. I need to see the sun’s rays to be able to get out of my cosy bed.
  • Once I have managed to get my ass off the bed, I need to decide what to wear. “A jacket and full tracks”, you may say. But the problem is I start feeling warm within 5-10 mins of starting the run. There is no point in wearing long sleeves and compression tees because I will feel very hot and uncomfortable. Right now I wear a jacket which I tie around my waist within a few mins of starting the run.
  • Running in the cold requires more effort than any other weather. If it is windy and you are running against the wind, you need more effort. Also, breathing in the cold is more difficult than any other weather. The good part is that you have to keep moving because if you stop, you will feel cold. So, your pace may improve.

Running in any other weather involves putting on your shoes and leaving the house. In the winter, there is a little more planning and will power required.

No, running in the evenings is not an option because of the traffic. I cannot run around my building every evening. It is too damn boring.

Last year I didn’t train after ADHM and busted my knee at Standard Chartered half marathon. I couldn’t run after 16-17 km and walked till the finish line. I was very annoyed with myself because it was my fault entirely. This year I promised myself that wouldn’t happen. Atleast it wouldn’t happen because I didn’t train well. If it hadn’t been for SCMM, I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed this winter for morning runs.

I realized that if I had finished strong and well in SCMM in Jan’15, it would have made me laid back this year. This isn’t about timing. I can finish the run in 2 hrs 56 mins again but I want to finish strong and be injury free. There is no point in achieving a timing target if it leaves you injured.

I guess it is the setbacks we remember rather than the achievements. It is the setbacks which push us to do better and achieve the best. Or they break us down. Makes me wonder why we highlight achievements instead of setbacks. Achievements are to celebrate and forget and sometimes to motivate. But they don’t teach us anything about ourselves we don’t already know.

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