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Yes… an entire post dedicated to one store. Few years back… when I was in college… Wills Lifestyle was my aspirational brand. I could not afford it even during the sale… one top cost Rs 600 atleast.

Every top/trousers/dress fit soooo well… the cut, style, fit was out of this world… specially for formals.
It breaks my heart to enter the outlet now… the clothes suck, quality sucks… and the styles have not changed over the years.
Ironic… I can afford it now… but its standards have fallen.
Future Retail has opened the biggest furniture mall in Vikhroli.. called.. Hometown… there is e-zone and food bazar as well. The shop is huge spread over many floors… the range is huge… from cheap to affordable to expensive. Furniture that I have come across in local outlets is also stocked there… the bed we purchased is priced 4k higher there… but dining tables are cheaper… and the sofa cum bed is 1k cheaper… I guess, it all evens out.
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  1. I missed that furniture mall Hometown? I never had a clue it existed.

    I stay in Vikhroli. More and more MNC and malls are coming up here. Its really irritating. It was such a nice place a few years back.

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