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This post is dedicated to my good friend Dhruv who is a free bird.

I met Dhruv on 4the June’07. We joined the organization as Management Trainees. MTs from outside Delhi were staying in the guesthouse… and since Dhruv is a Delhite I met him in office on 4th.
First impression: Snob… but a good looking one

Neha was about to introduce me to him but he completely ignored me (Neha and Dhruv are from same B school). Once our locations were declared (I was sent to South… he to East.. Siliguri)… he was worried about his girlfriend.. he kept muttering; “My relationship will be over”… Over the next 2 months we spoke on the phone only once.. I had called ‘coz I had spoken to the rest 8 MTs except him…
The funniest moment was our marketing project… we were in the corporate office in Gurgaon… and the people from North were relieved… they would be close to home for 1-2 months. Dhruv got the news that he would be sent to Chennai for 15 days. He was devastated… he had just returned from East… and went into a shock… I had tried to be sympathetic and not laugh too much.
We became friends during the factory project at Manesar… we were the only ones there… and had ample time to talk and bond. I liked his straight forwardness and guts. He spoke his mind… and didn’t play games.
We didn’t meet too often after that during rest of the training… but the friendship blossomed.
There was this time in Oct’07 when I was very upset and about to do a stupid thing… he had given me the correct advice and not judged.
The time spent with him and Abhinav at Corbett and Thailand was amazing and unforgettable.
I will miss him… and even though we are friends… I am practical enough to know that things will change… we are colleagues turned friends… remove the common element (our organization) and we may have little in common.
He has assured me that we can bitch about his next organization but I am not sure.

So… dear Dhruv.. wish you the best… hope you paint Delhi red April onwards… and hope we always stay friends…

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