Wild nights

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Looks forward to a week without KC at home because he rarely travels

Jumps with joy at the thought of having the whole bed to herself, spending extra time at the gym, waking up late (because office is 5 mins away and don’t need to drop KC to work), inviting friends over and trying out new recipes

Invites 2 friends (I use the word ‘friend’ very loosely for one person) over who have never met each other for dinner, drinks and maybe a stay over

Goes crazy trying to match their schedules. (How do people invite 10 people over? I can’t get two people to get free at the same time)

Gives up

Cancels all plans

Catches a movie in the theatre alone because the thought of trying to coordinate with another person makes her shudder


Cooks new recipes for healthy food. Tastes really bad. Has a bite or two and throws away the rest. Loses weight

Is highly grateful when KC is back and forgives him for taking vacations back to back two months in a row

Lives happily ever after



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