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When you spend everyday with something or someone, it becomes part of your routine and you don’t treasure it. If someone asks me what running means for me, on a normal day I won’t have an answer. I run. I don’t know why. I just do it. I remember the first time I did it but I can’t imagine my life without it.
While I driving to Lodi gardens today morning, I could feel the road beckoning to me. “It has been so long since you have pounded this road. What’s wrong?” And I vowed to run from Gurgaon to Lodi gardens soon. A 21 km is not on the plan for a few months but I can make an exception.
Right now I can tell you why I run. I think too much. And my thoughts come at the speed of light. I can’t hear them clearly when am still or even walking. I need to run fast enough to catch up to them. And I need to sprint to shut off my mind. I run to be able to process my thoughts and I run as fast as I can to get away from them.
Meditation involves being still, shutting off your thoughts and just being in the moment. That happens to me when I sprint.
I run because everything will come to an end someday. But me, pounding the ground will always be there. It reminds me of how unimportant everything around me is. Job, money, career, friends, spouse, family…. It is all about fulfilling a need. We are connected to everything by our need for them. When we stop needing them, it’s time for them or for me to move on.
I run because this is the only time I can be outdoors. I love to see the browns, greens, blues, yellows, whites of nature. It beats looking at four walls.
I run because I can. I will always run… Even barely. And when I can’t, I will walk or crawl.

But THIS never ends. This is the only thing that’s forever. This is the only thing truly worth being alive for.


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