Why I don’t fast

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This story always cracks me up.

In Gujarat, all the umarried girls (even kids) fast for their to-be-hubby for 5 days in a year. The occasion is called Gauri vrat (vrat means fast). If it is strictly done for 5 yrs at a stretch, the girl is assured a good husband. When I was in the 7th std, for the first time I was staying at home with my parents. Mommy wanted me to fast (I think she doubts my ability to find a good hubby). Obedient that I was (yeah, then I was obedient), I agreed. The fast is very strict, we are not allowed to eat grains (no pulses or rice or wheat), no vegetables also. We end up eating and drinking sweet foods like milk,fruits, dry fruits etc. Too much sweet stuff makes me want to throw up.
On the first day of the fast, mommy had to go to A’bad. She was supposed to return late at night and had prepared cold coffee that I could have after I returned from school. She had packed seera for school. Seera is usually made out of atta, which cannot be eaten. But mommy had given me sabu daane ka seera in which atta is not added. My friends in school did not know this and advised me against eating it. When I returned from school, I forgot about the cold coffee and stayed hungry all day. I was hungry and slept off by the time mommy returned home. This is what happened at night:
Me (screaming in my sleep): It is running away… wait, stop, stop running… dont run away
Mommy (waking me): Wake up, wake up… what happened? Who is running away?
Me (waking up): Oh, I was dreaming. I dreamed that the potatoes (I am potato lover) and chappattis were running away. I was chasing them… but the roti kept rolling away (I had read a comic when I was in 5th std in which there was a roti rolling away)
Mommy got a scolding from dad for making me fast. Mommy cooked potatoes veg and chappattis and fed me at night.
After this incident, I have not been asked to fast again.
Staying hungry is a very traumatic experience for me.


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