Why give away books for free?

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When my friends heard about the books giveaway, they asked “Why?”. Why don’t you donate them to a NGO or a lending library? Why make all this effort to speed post them to people who are perfectly capable of buying their own books.

I mulled over it and here is why. Because it feels right. Because I want my books to be read. There is no guarantee that the books will be read if I give them away to a lending library. And am de-cluttering. I haven’t opened one book and read it again in all these years. Some of these books have been with me for the last 8 years and I want to give them to people who want them, those who will appreciate them. Also, selling them off will require a lot of effort because I don’t know how to price them. I have bought some of them on discounts so how much should I charge? And why should people pay for a book which may or may not be in the best condition? They can just go to a second hand books market, negotiate a better price and buy the book they want.

None of my reasons sound flawless and that is ok. I am doing what is best for the books and not necessarily what is best for me. There is something very nice about placing the books in an envelope, taping them up, writing the address of a stranger or someone I haven’t spoken to in years and sending them off at the Post Office. It warms my heart when people receive the books with so much love and affection.

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2 thoughts on “Why give away books for free?

  1. I think it was a great idea. Giving it away to people who asked for it is so much better. Hopefully, some day they will repay it by spreading those books in their friend circles to the ones who need it.

    I am so glad you did it!!

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