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Hiya people. My previous post has shaken up a few people. Didn’t the humour come through? Really? Oh well, I shall work on my sense of humour, if you say so. I mean, I do think I am funny. This is what happens most days.

Me – *super funny original joke*

Him – deadpan look

Me – I am so funny ya *laughs like a hyena till there are tears in her eyes*

Him – deadpan look

Anyway… this post is about why I hate entertaining. KC and I live like bachelors. Ok, bachelors by my standards. I shudder to think how messy the house would be if we live by his standards. We have minimal stuff – only what we need. There is a dining table for 4 people but no artefacts. The only showpieces we have are those that have been gifted and I haven’t managed to break yet.

(reference to vase gifted by RT while DK’s vase has survived everything)

So, if I have to invite a group of people tomorrow, my first worry would be- Do I have enough glasses of the same kind? For example, I invite 6 people, including KC and me- that’s 8. A regular box of glasses has only 6 in them. Say, I buy a 2nd box too of the same kind. We will have 12 glasses.

*Stay with me. I have a point*

So, 8 of us will have a good time and then they leave. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH 12 FUCKING GLASSES? WHERE AM I SUPPOSED TO STORE THEM IN A RENTED 2 BHK FLAT?

*Yes. THIS is why I don’t invite people*

On a serious note, I hate the whole cooking or ordering, making a music playlist or planning some entertainment, ensuring everything is perfect bit of it. I’d rather go out and explore a new place. Why would I want to hang at home? I do that most days anyway.

And there is this thing in Delhi – since most guys stay with their parents, for them a house party is a big deal when parents are out of town. While for us, it’s regular life. I find house parties a big drag. There is all this pressure to drink, have fun and socialize.

Also, our meals are minimal. Any elaborate cooking has stopped. We tend to eat the same things every week since it’s easier to plan and the focus is on healthy meals. So, planning an elaborate meal does not excite me anymore. Who has the time to slave in the kitchen for hours? And no, my cook does not have the skills and am ok with that. As long as she can make a good sambhar, a decent omelette, idlis, dosas, daal bhaati etc I am happy. Yes, all of these have been taught by yours truly.

Another big factor is a live in maid. In Delhi NCR, everyone has a live in maid so they basically have to order stuff and it gets done. I am against this whole concept for below reasons.

– As much as we are tempted to have a maid who will do everything for us, we like to live like ‘regular’ people. So, washing clothes, clearing out the clutter, de-cluttering the kitchen, folding the bed covers/blankets etc etc are things we do on weekends. Sure, it’s boring but I have grown up doing all of this and don’t really want to upgrade my lifestyle any further.

– How can anyone just live with a stranger is beyond me. It’ll put so many restrictions. Like, how am I supposed to roam around naked? Or how is KC supposed to change clothes in the living room while watching his match? Or how are we supposed to have sex when and where we want? How will we be silly and cuddle?

*I am making my life sound way cooler than it is. We don’t really have sex outside the bedroom… I wonder why. Ok, we did- once*

Our biggest priority while renting a flat is to ensure there is enough privacy to walk around naked atleast in 3/4th of the area. And that’s why I love my current society. The flats are far apart to give us complete privacy.

Not to say that I am 100% anti social. R is always welcome. In fact, he is one of the few people who can (and does) land up at my door for a meal unannounced and vice versa. It does help that he is an awesome cook. In fact, he is the only person who has visited and stayed over at A’bad and Gurgaon houses.

RT and J are others who can just walk in anytime. I guess, I’d be pretty cool entertaining friends I have lived with – during engineering or B school because we can have all night conversations like we’ve done in the past.

But yeah, I’d rather go out where am served good food, can listen to good music, have a nice conversation and leave without getting nightmares about the mess in the kitchen if the maid decides not to turn up the next day.

6 thoughts on “Why entertaining sucks…

    • What? You are in Germany? How can that be if you haven’t put it up on facebook?
      And the invitation is there to be used. You cannot just say ‘thank you’ and get away

  1. All good questions about the maid… same difficulties with kids in the house as well, or aging parents for that matter πŸ™

    • Kids- enroll them into the nudity club
      Aging parents – No options there. I hate going home because I have to sleep with my bra on

  2. I am just the opposite. I love house parties but I only invite the closest ones. The ones who are ready to be a part of my culinary experiments and have no hangup’s. The ones who feel “at home” with me at my place… Oh yeah, I am a hoarder so I have all types of glasses πŸ™‚

    I am with you on your views about having a “Live-in” Maid. I don’t see the need to have one. I would rather buy a dress every month with that money.

    • Haahaha… yeah, using the money for clothes is a great idea.
      I know lots of people who love to entertain… am not just one of them

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