Why do I run half marathons?

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The last few days before a half marathon are torture. It is all about waiting for Sunday morning. When am free (which hasn’t been too often this week) I fluctuate between nervousness, butterflies in my tummy and excitement. I wish it was on Saturday morning so I could be done with it and make plans for Sunday. Pushing myself to workout is especially difficult because I don’t see the point. I cannot strength train and running is usually in the mornings. I am missing my TRX today because I have to give my all in the class and the soreness will definitely interfere with my performance on Sunday. Even the trainer told me to skip it today. And I have half a mind to skip body balance (pilates+yoga+tai chi) but cannot since KC and his colleagues will play PS3 at home and I want to give them privacy. In fact, I plan to go for a 5 km run at night just to stay out of the way.

*If this does not win me wife/roommate/spouse trophy of the year, I don’t know what will*

So last night I went to the gym for 15 mins. I didn’t feel like working out and called KC asking him if he wants to play badminton instead. He was game and happily we drove to the court only to realize it has been booked for a wedding.

In the 15 mins, I had an interesting conversation with the executive there- N. N is the one who enrolled me. I don’t like him very much because I can’t trust people who smile too much but he is friendly. He was shocked to know am running my 4th half marathon (people- there is a difference between 10km, half marathon, full marathon, ultra marathon etc. A serious runner will specify what distance he/she is running. So, I will never say marathon for “half marathon”).

I was not insulted by the shock on his face. Runners come in all shapes, sizes and colour. You cannot look at someone and say “He/She runs” unlike with strength training.

He asked me the usual questions but one of them was significant and one that many wonder

“So, you will lose 1 kg by running 21 km?”

I showed him a simple calculation-

I burned 1500 calories in the last half marathon. It takes 3500 calories reduction to lose 1 kg. A half marathon does not reduce even 500 gm of weight. And then most people reward themselves with a cheat meal which could be 500-1000 calories nullifying all the effort. Even the 500 calories reduction is not significant since you have to burn that much daily to lose weight.

500 calories burned per day over 7 days = 3500 calories reduction = 1 kg weight loss

So, why am I running 21 km?

The only sane and logical answer I can think of is “I am insane, illogical and need to get a life”.

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  1. Ha ha ha .. No you are not . You can say .. Running gives you a high .. I was .. Still am so high with my 5 km run ☺️☺️

    Kill it , beat it 🙂

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