Why "Boogerworm"?

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Sherpa Saatvik asked me why ‘boogerworm’? I told him the story behind it but realized I have never put it up on any of my blogs. Yes, yes, I do remember what I have been writing for the last 8 years.

So, here it is. It was 2001… when I just joined college and had been introduced to the travails of the internet (chatrooms, meeting strangers, porn etc etc) few months back.

And I came across this here.

FunPages.com   The Booger Worm

I am not a mushy mushy person… I like romance with humour. So, a joke is a bigger turn on than the lovey dovey crap… anyday.

Why this card struck me was also because I knew the perfect person this applied to. I sent it across to him and well… we started dating soon after. I don’t know how much the card is responsible for that.

*Guys.. do not try this on a woman though. Ok? I don’t think any woman will laugh at ‘I can’t get rid of you’*

The person is no longer in my life but the name ‘boogerworm’ stuck and it has been part of many of my blogs and IDs over the years.

I really, really, really like the card and the name ‘boogerworm’ is kickass.


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