Who is a drunkard?

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The other day I wondered.. what is the definition of a ‘drunkard’?

Is it someone who
  • Drinks everyday without getting drunk?
  • Gets drunk easily?
  • Drinks regularly and gets drunk?
  • Drinks regularly without getting drunk?

I come across people from all 4 categories.. and ask myself; “Is he a drunkard?”

The encyclopaedia defines a drunkard as “One who habitually engages in the overindulgence of alcohol.

In order for an individual to be labeled a drunkard, drunkenness must be habitual or must recur on a constant basis. A person who regularly drinks heavily but is sometimes not under the influence of alcohol would be considered a drunkard, whereas a person who occasionally gets drunk would not. The test is the question of whether or not excessive drinking has become a frequent behavior pattern for a particular person.”

Traditionally a drunkard was easy to identify… someone who would come home after work.. drink… and then beat his wife… or maybe just drink everyday… and then lose control.

It is a little more complicated now… most people drink… most drink regularly… for some the alcohol affects after many drinks… for others few drinks are enough. Everyone has a different limit… what is termed as excessive? For me… more than 3 drinks is excessive… for another it could be 10 drinks… who decides?

I have friends who used to drink everyday… now they drink regularly or infrequently… are they drunkards??? Or were they drunkards earlier? Or they don’t come under the category?

What are your views?




6 thoughts on “Who is a drunkard?

  1. dosen’t mater… it is the stigma associated with ones actions related to alchohol that may get the one or somebody else arrested. That incudes, reckless driving, harming public property, beating your wife or getting beaten by her, any of which can get one or somebody else arrested.

  2. well interesting proposal to debate I say, I do fall in one of the many categories.. I have come across many people who r doubtful borderlines..

    I always meant to ask myself without prejudice on what others feel about them what I felt about that she/ he..

    There can be only one explanation then.. Their self control.

    DO THEY LOSE IT? If they give them over to BACCHUS and act out of their own..

    This is one instance i would register as a certifiable incidence of drunkenness.

    Y do u drink? Maybe the answer to this will make people come up with strange n creative feedback.

    but at times they answers end up being parallel to the answers given by ADDICTS under REHAB. This is the 2nd instance I will take offence to alcohol. (NO DEPENDENCY)

    Can u go on for a year without it??
    and If u successfully pull it off.. u do have ur body under ur control!!


  3. @Faunt: I think drinking and its addiction has reached its extreme limits in such cases. And who knows how people behave within the privacy of their homes? Do they beat their spouse??? Do they drive recklessly???

    @Joel: Hmm… interesting… but self control does not take into consideration people’s perceptions.I mean… I see someone drinking everyday and may label him a drunkard while he thinks he has “self control”. How many people even test that self control? I am still not convinced… and I have a feeling I come across a lot of drunkards without knowing it.

  4. We all do come across people who drink ALCOHOL. Now may I ask, Is it the DRINK that is cause to the EFFECTUAL STIGMA or is the ACT the villan?

    I may emphasize on self control and still lose the argument as u point out that it is a subjective issue and not a QUANTIFIABLE OBJECTIVE FINDING.

    So, what do we have left.
    Alcohol intake can be measured as (you would like it)Blood alcohol concentration

    check out the table and acceptable norms in MEDICO LEGAL CASES at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_alcohol_content

    Hope now we can meet a consensus..

    Though as a non stickler for OBJECTIVITY I still pin my HOPE and FAITH on people to exercise MODERATION!!

    a further example:
    Asian hearts are smaller than Caucasian ones and respond more quickly to alcohol and cholesterol (one major reason for Hyperlipidemia related disease in Asians)

    So there is a difference is tolerability to alcohol as well and the neurological influence of alcohol in ASIANS compared to CAUCASIANS..

    read this http://www.azduiatty.com/racial-differences-in-the-effects-of-alcohol.htm

    Hope this gives more fuel to your thought to decide if we are better self controlled in the end..

    so if the ACTIONS describe the INNER MAN then can v assume a man who loses SELF CONTROL over WORDS, ACTION and EMOTION are DRUNKARDS??

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