When should you shag…

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This is for women only because I have no idea why or when men shag or if it is just a habit for them.

  • When you can’t find a dick
  • When you can find a dick
  • When it’s a dissatisfying dick
  • When it’s a veeerrryyy satisfying dick
  • When you can’t sleep at night
  • When you can’t wake up for the gym in the morning
  • When you are exhausted
  • When you are feeling alive
  • When you are alone
  • When you have a house full of people *cough* long showers *cough*
  • Before working out
  • After working out
  • When you are lonely
  • When you are bored
  • When you are reading
  • When you are in the middle of a series. Sometimes you don’t even need to hit pause
  • When you are watching porn
  • Everyday
  • Once a week
  • Once a month, minimum

Basically, women please shag. Know your body. Explore your body. Figure out your turn ons and turn offs.

Because a man can’t make you cum. Only you can make yourself cum.

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