Whatta Sunday Morning

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Hiya. This week has been extremely boring and slow. Generally, time flies away but this week I was actually counting minutes until the weekend. I didn’t go the gym… I would decide to go in the morning and then wouldn’t wake up since it has become cooler and sleep has become more precious. I would be determined to make up for it in the evening… but something or the other would come up… and laziness would get the more of me.

I was not even feeling too well this week. Friday was the most boring. We were home with nothing to do… couldn’t get the tickets to any movie… we ordered dinner from Yo China and they sent the wrong order… they replaced it but it was not what we wanted. Hungry and bugged, we went to sleep by 10.30 pm. Such a waste.
I baked muffins and filled them with strawberry sauce and topped with nutella. They were tasty but too sweet. I think they were a bit undercooked. I am looking for a good recipe for muffins/cupcakes. The recipe I used was for chocolate chip muffins.
So, thats the update. More on movies watched and books read.

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  1. @ Anita: I wish I could… but I have to work on Mondays followed by Jazz. 🙁 I can bake only on Sundays and that too with prior planning.

    @ Anonymous: So funny…

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