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I have spent the last 4 days (excluding Sunday) in induction. KC has been laughing at me “Kitna induction chahiye tumhe?”. I was being sent to Bangalore only but then I requested for 2 days in Gurgaon as well. In all, I have spent time with 4 people who have different styles of working. I think I will stop feeling like a newcomer in my role when I know what my style of working is.

I am already feeling overwhelmed by everything and there is nobody who will understand what it’s like.

Here are a few ways my professional life has changed:

  • I have to be positive all the time. I cannot let any kind of frustration bog me down.
  • I have to be tough. Everyday. I keep in mind that am working with people like myself. I was a tough reportee and gave all my reporting managers hell. But I was good at my job so they took it in their stride. I have people like me reporting to me and around me.
  • Earlier, whenever someone from another division didn’t do their job correctly, I spoke to my manager and expected him to get things done. It is my responsibility to ensure people do their jobs and help my team out. And these are people who don’t report to me.
  • I have to prepare thoroughly for any meeting. If I don’t, I cannot add any value and am wasting everyone’s time by attending the meeting.
  • I can’t let my mind drift off during any discussion. I have to be attentive ALL the time. ALL THE TIME. FOR EVERYTHING.
  • I can’t be straight forward and I can’t confront people there and them. I know a person has lied to me but I have to wait for the right opportunity to bring it up and confront him. I have to be calm and patient till the time is right. All this patience is not good for my health.
  • I have to remember whatever tasks I have assigned to people and ensure they get it done. Which means, digging out week old mails and checking if the task assigned has been completed or not. This is the biggest part of my job.
  • I have to become approachable enough for executives to call me directly incase they have any issues. This is a very big part of the role. I should be able to list the strength and weaknesses of each of the team members.
  • I have to boost the team’s morale, get them to feel like a part of the team and get them to bond with each other. This is easier said and done and I don’t even know where to start. And this has to be done with people from other divisions as well. So, lots and lots of time spent with people during working hours means I want to spend lesser and lesser time with people after work or on weekends.

My mind is reeling and I don’t want to think anymore.

One big reason why am not missing KC or don’t mind Mumbai as much is because this is a turning point. I need to give it my all for one year and am going to change as a person- professionally as well as personally. I am also glad am in Mumbai because I know the city. The traffic, pollution, noise, tiny house, dirt etc don’t faze me out because I wasn’t expecting any different. I kept my expectations low from the city and it isn’t exceeding any of those.

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