What is worse than living alone?

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People leaving after a short stay. I am perfectly fine on my own but its a problem when people stay for a few days and then leave. It just makes me aware of how lonely it can get.

KC was here during the week for 2 days… and then my bro stayed over on Friday night and was home for most of Saturday. I am so bugged that I have skipped my Jazz class. Has to be the lowest low. 
This week has crawled like a snail… Wed seemed like Friday but it was just the middle of the week. I didn’t visit the gym at all… and now have skipped Jazz. And I ate a vadapav, burger and mac and cheese. Things cannot get worse. 
I have decided to just sit back today… and plan for the week. I am great at planning… making lists is my favorite past time. Oh, yes… I do follow through with them most of the time. 
I am flying to Delhi on Thursday evening for my last single friend’s wedding. Its the end of an era and life as we know it. Now, all people expect us to do is have kids. Don’t even get me started on it. I don’t understand why everyone has to live their life in the same manner. It should be a choice and not a compulsion. But as Indians, we are very emotional, hate rocking the boat and detest people who are not “regular”. 
On Monday I had gone to the gym and was majorly irritated ‘coz the instructor has been making me do the same exercises which are not very challenging. I have not done crunches at all. Today I will sit with her and make her list down all the exercises that need to be done. On Monday while working out I needed help with the seat adjustment of the cycle, the instructor was around but pretended like it was not his problem. Then, the gym was playing songs like ‘Desi Boyz’ at the loudest volume. I had my Ipod on full and still could hear the music. I asked the instructor to turn it down but it was done… then I spoke to the guy operating the music and blasted him for treating the place like a pub. Apparently, some guys want the music LOUD. Seriously!!! 
Jazz classes are not as great as Gurgaon ‘coz they have lack of space. The studio is 1/4th the size of Gurgaon with more number of students. It is very distracting ‘coz all I worry about is hitting the students around me. I cannot give it my full. And if I have to stand at the back the instructor is not visible at all. Why can’t they have a bigger studio in a less posh area? Why does it have to be in Bandra only? Or why not reduce the number of students? 

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  1. Try changing from stock iPod earbuds to something more musically oriented…like the Klipsch X5 – I bought it via eBay when in India for 9 grand, so I know its available there..I can give others but they will either be ridiculously expensive or just flat out unavailable

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