What is twitter saying about Salman?

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*I won’t get into Salman, the case, the judgement, bail and asses like Abhijeet, Farah Khan Ali and some others on my facebook. Nobody says it like the people on twitter*


Roflindian 2.0 @Roflindian

No points for guessing why Dawood Bhai wanted to return to India.


Rohan @mojorojo

So wait you’re saying he *was* drunk? And driving?

*on Farah’s this tweet*

Farah Khan @FarahKhanAli

My concern is genuine one bec there will be many innocent ppl in future who will lose their lives 2drunk drivers for sleeping on d footpath

*It is good Farah Khan Ali is a fashion designer who caters to the premium market else her business would definitely get affected by her foot in the mouth tweets*


Rohan @mojorojo

Maybe they need to earmark roads with no network or Internet access, like the one Farah Khan Ali lives on


Udaas Priest @UdaasPriest ·

even hitler was good at heart. once done with 6 million jews, he started “being jewman” tshirts & donated to charity. you guys keep hating.

*For people who are calling ‘Salman’ a great guy. So was Hitler, according to the Germans*


Rohan @mojorojo

Looks like someone waited downstairs 20 minutes for the driver today!

*On Farah’s this tweet*

Farah Khan @FarahKhanAli

I realise the homeless have no place to go and so we need to be more sympathetic to them.

*Oh man, she is such a bimbo*


Roflindian 2.0 @Roflindian

Now this. What a humiliating slur.

*On Farah’s this tweet*

Farah Khan @FarahKhanAli

And maybe we need to earmark roads where the homeless can sleep peacefully without the fear of being run over, roads that are bylanes

*Yes, what we need are roads for the homeless to sleep on instead of actual homes. She should be a politician*


officeofindiantweter @indiantweeter ·

Maybe govt should open concentration chambers for homeless people @FarahKhanAli ?

*In response to above tweet by Farah Khan Ali*


shiv ramdas @nameshiv ·

BREAKING NEWS:- Homeless people seen running away from Mumbai on hearing of Salman’s release.


Utsav Ojha @_thatUtsavOjha

@coolfunnytshirt I am convinced.Keeping aside the drunk driving,endangered species shooting,& witness harassing, Salman is a gem of a guy 😛

*Yep. So am I. Apart from the ego issues, arrogance, lying, rudeness, abusive language; I am an angel*


shiv ramdas @nameshiv

All that’s left is for the victims to be ordered to pay Salman Khan compensation for damaging his car. #SalmanBailOrJail


Pawan Durani @PawanDurani

Morons , we need to hear about GST that can change India forever . You keep feeding us with #SalmanBailOrJail || #IndianMediaGoToBermuda

*The most important thing happening right now is the GST but who the fuck cares about that*


Roflindian 2.0 @Roflindian

After all this farce, why the charade of calling Salman to the Session’s Court for bail? Just send him the documents by fax, that’s all!


Priloza @prilozatweets

This time instead of releasing a movie on Friday, Sallu releases himself.


Psycho @i_Psycho

BREAKING: Arbaaz and Sohail Khan to continue getting pocket money.


Office of Gabbbar @GabbbarSingh ·

It must be Eid today? #BhaiRelease


Jayesh #HDL @jayeshdewana12

Sleeping in footpath must be made a Crime , punishable by getting Crushed under the vehicle driven by drunk Celeb


Amba Azaad @AmbaAzaad ·

“A hit can happen due to elevated levels of alcohol. a run happens when there are elevated levels of inhumanity and arrogance in the blood.”


Sahil Shah @SahilBulla

I think this is just a publicity stunt for the next season of Big Boss.

*Who knows? Very much possible*


asmita @asmiiitaa

Lessons learnt today :

  1. how to get away with murder?

Be a pretentious bollywood actor with no real skill or talent


Supernatural Theory™ @supernatgeek

@awryaditi This is y the aliens wont talk to us #SalmanFans


Buls @boogerworm

I wish we were reinforcing how dangerous drinking and driving can be instead of debating Salman’s punishment.

*Anyone even care about drinking and driving or am I an anomaly in Delhi NCR? Someone actually said to me on fb last night “Don’t you ever drink and drive that you are accusing Salman?” Umm… I don’t and I never will. Aren’t you NOT supposed to drink and drive instead of the other way round? Am I living on a different planet?


Psycho @i_Psycho ·

Aunty Judgement deni hai, shaadi nahi karni Judge ne.

*On Nafisa’s this tweet*

Nafisa Ali Sodhi @nafisaaliindia

Sorry that Salman has been judged by a Judge who does not know him . Law is for a better India & I wish Salman is sentenced by his journey .

*I am glad with this episode we are finding how whose IQ and EQ levels are super low and nature needs to weed them out. Since Darwin’s law and all*


Psycho @i_Psycho

Looks like Salman Khan has nude photos of entire Bollywood.

*I wouldn’t be surprised*

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