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I was gobsmacked to learn that Chetan Bhagat is judging Nach Baliye. As shitty as the show is, I think this is a new low. And am not the only one who thinks that way.

The current hot topic apart from the Nepal earthquake (people getting excited about the tremors in Delhi NCR or clicking selfies or marking themselves safe when they are fucking not in Nepal need to die in an earthquake) is Chetan Bhagat and his new profession- or a reality show judge.

*I was in Gujarat during the earthquake and it is not funny or exciting*

Not that Arnab @justicearnab

Chetan Bhagat: Flop as a writer.

Twinkle Khanna: Flop as an actress.

*With reference to Twinkle congratulating him on his judge duties and Chetan making witty remarks*

Rahul Lalchandani @LALUMMLAL

Chetan Bhagat is one of the judges on this years Nach Baliye.

If anyone ever needed a legitimate reason to commit suicide, this would be it.

Ra_Bies @Ra_Bies

After Chetan Bhagat judging #NachBaliye7, Alia Bhatt to write paper on complex calculus & KRK will be a referee at world boxing championship

*Why not*

Aladdin @Alllahdin

Chetan Bhagat is judging a dance show.

Now waiting for Prabhudeva to give book reviews.

EngiNerd. @mainbhiengineer

Chetan Bhagat is judging a dance reality show and that’s good because it’ll keep him away from writing.

Atul Khatri @one_by_two

People who read Chetan Bhagat’s books are the same ones who watch Nach Baliye


The Bad Doctor @doctoratlarge ·

Chetan Bhagat is a dance show judge now? Not surprised. He’s known to do things he’s not good at. Writing for instance

The Viral Fever @TheViralFever

Chetan Bhagat on TV. As if TV wasn’t full of shit anyway.

RushdieExplainsIndia @RushdieExplains

Chetan Bhagat’s judging a dance competition? What next? Judging a literary award?

Chetan Bhagat Verified account‏@chetan_bhagat

Those who have judged me for years without writing a bestseller themselves are now judging how can I judge a fun reality show. haha. cute.

*Chuth is an arrogant bastard too*

Read this for more laughs.

Why do I hate him so much? Because he single-handedly reduced the IQ levels of an entire generation just like Honey Singh. Now Indian chick lit and shitty books on MBAs are a genre.


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