What if divorce happened by default and staying married needed the effort?

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Sheela and Mohan stood in the government office among all classes of people. It was burning hot outside and they had taken leave from work for this yearly formality. Thankfully, there was an AC in the office. It was ineffective but still a relief. Sheela looked at Mohan and wondered why this drudgery year after year. Who had come up with the stupid rule that marriage licenses had to be renewed every year. Failing to do so would lead to a divorce within 60 days and no amount of appeals would reverse the decision. “How stupid is that?”; she thought.

Like husband and wife need to prove to each other and more importantly, to themselves that they love, care and want to live together legally. It was just her 2nd time since they had only been married 2 years. But would she be this enthusiastic after 5 years or 10 years? What if they fought few days before the wedding anniversary and were too pissed to re-apply for the license? What if the vows and promises in the marriage license of caring, loving and sharing sounded more and more phony with each passing year? What if it took special effort to go through the process year after year? And one fine day they didn’t turn up for the renewal and conveniently there was no time in the next 60 days? Would they be relieved by the divorce since it was a government decision and who can fight the mighty government?

*I was in the government office today and wondered what happens if married people have to spend a day in a government office every year renewing their marriage license. 2 people need a special kind of love to spend few hours every year dealing with government employees. Would this effort make them evaluate every year whether they really want to live together or do they continue to live together by default? What if you needed to make an effort to continue living together instead of parting? What if you have to prove every year that you do want to spend the next one year with this person? What if divorce happened by default and being married needed the effort?*

What do you think?

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