What defines harassment?

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This is what happened on twitter few weeks back.

Girl and guy start chatting on twitter through tweets and direct messages. She falls for him, even sharing his lovey dovey messages on twitter. They exchange numbers, continue to chat on WhatsApp and maybe even talk on the phone. The chat turns to sexting. They make plans to fly across the country and take a holiday together. She gets a tattoo with his name. Guy’s wife committed suicide recently and his in-laws have filed a murder case against him. Anyway, another female reads the lovey dovey messages on girl’s twitter timeline and tells her that he is a playboy and has sexted quite a few other women. Girl gets pissed and starts sharing his sexts (only HIS, not hers) on twitter and even his dick pic.

The pic is gone, don’t even try to search for it. And nobody knows if the pic was genuine or fake

Twitteratti exploded with everyone taking sides. The guy pleads with the girl on WhatsApp which she shares with everyone. He shares her contact no and message where she demands money for ending the issue.

It seemed like the message was fake and she didn’t send it

Finally, he deactivates his account (he is back now) and she gets applauded for harassment by her followers. Both’s follower counts explode in the process.

By the way, all this – from talking to each other for the first time and the end- happened in 10-15 days.

None of this is a big deal. It happens. It’s an affair gone wrong. My problem is with the girl screaming “harassment”. Are we now saying that if the affair does not end the way we want to, it is “harassment”? How does sexting make one a bad person? It is done by mutual consent between both people. It isn’t called sexting otherwise. I am not sure where loyalty comes in when an affair is online and has lasted for 10-15 days. How can you be loyal to someone you have known for 10 days? It takes years to build. But that is a topic for another post.

I have a problem with women screaming “harassment” over anything at all.

It isn’t harassment when it is consensual and mutually decided.

It isn’t harassment when the affair goes wrong. Women betray women too, what are you going to call that?

It isn’t ok to share sexts publicly. Someone trusted you with that kind of information.

It isn’t ok to share nude pictures online. If the guy had done it, he would be in prison but as a woman you conveniently got away with it.

It isn’t ok to cry “rape” when you have sex before marriage and the guy refuses to marry you. Even though the law defines it as such. I don’t even understand how having sex equals marriage and commitment. Sex is a part of marriage and not equivalent to it.

Please be careful what you say to who even on WhatsApp/twitter/facebook because it can misused. Yep, that is coming from me. If you are not ok with it being shared publicly, don’t type it. Unlike verbal conversations where there is no recording or proof, DMs/WhatsApp are written proof and can be saved for later use.

Oh… AND…. NEVER EVER share nudes with people who you barely know… and even with people you have known for years. Nothing good has ever come from that. EVER. Click nudes for yourself only.


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