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I wanted to write earlier but there wasn’t enough to talk about.

I really want to sit next to KC on the couch and read while he watches the match but cannot pull myself away from the balcony when the weather is this awesome. If only you knew how long I have dreamed… nah, craved for this weather.

This is me- yesterday and right now.




When life hasn’t been going too well, any good day is most welcome. And when it’s accompanied by a breeze which makes you shiver, superb music from Begin Again on loop and a book which resonates with you… it’s a moment to be put up on the blog.

This is a post I will come back to and read when life is down in the dumps. Don’t ask me why. What is life when you are cooped up indoors… haven’t been out running… have not entered the gym in a while… and spent most evenings at the physiotherapist.

Everytime the breeze passes me by, I want to hug myself and hold onto the feeling. What a coincidence- am listening to ‘Hold On’ from Begin Again.

And here are some excerpts from the book ‘The Running Soul’ by Parul Seth. I started reading it 15 mins back and have to share these:

A month or two I wrote the same thing. Every run teaches us something new… specially the ones which are difficult… which take everything out of us… to an outsider it may seem like the time to quit…. but we know quitting is failing.

I may not remember ADHM for how great it was… but will always remember SCMM for the busted knee and the horrible timing.


Running is not a group activity for me. I have run with R once but that was fun because we were meeting after quite sometime. I don’t think I can run with anyone on a regular basis. Well, honestly… I don’t think I can talk to anyone on a daily basis.

Running is personal… it is my feet, my breathing, music and my thoughts working in tandem. There isn’t space for anyone else.




I met SA last weekend. We have common interests in the form of running- along with a friend (hers) who is my acquaintance. We met up after interacting on instagram and WhatsApp and it was a lot of fun. We ended up discovering a lot of other common interests. This is one of the things we discussed- how everyone only wants to know your timing. Even people who’ve never run in their life. That they don’t understand what finishing in 3 hrs means. Timing is not the point… finishing is. Sure, we all chase timing. But my favourites runs are where I have turned off notifications and am letting my mind and body do their thing without an app interfering. I will forget timing for the ADHM or SCMM… what I’ll remember are the experiences. That’s what matters.




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