What a day!!!

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What a day!!! Btw… thats my green nail point. Cool na? I don’t know how men spend all their lives without a manicure/pedicure. It is the most relaxing moment.

But I am digressing. My sleep cycle has changed… I fall asleep on the laptop by 10.30 pm. The movie/video will be playing while I snore away… and then wake up at 6.30 am for the cook. The maids have done the impossible… wake me at dawn.
I am digressing again… the maid cleaned up in the morning. I was about to go for a shower when I realized there is no water. The watchman informed me that there is some pipe being repaired due to which water will come after 9 pm. There was only one tap spewing water. The notice had been put up on the board but I didn’t read it.
I headed to the gym instead… one out of two lifts was working. Instead of waiting I took the stairs 8 floors to the ground. On the way back I had to climb the stairs. And the same in the evening.
It has been exhausting day… and I am still waiting for the water.
Life in Mumbai is strange!!! Thankfully there are no electricity woes. Mulund used to be a load shedding area… not anymore though.

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