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What a day!!! I was traveling for 10 hrs… with stops at various villages.
I came across a distributor in a small town with a laptop… a Dell laptop. Even Rajkot DBs do not have laptops.
The most amusing part of the day was when I met the most physcho db. Thank god the sales force does not have to deal with him ever again. There was another db who quit his job as engineer in Samsung at A’bad, shifted to Sanosara (an extremely small village) and started distribution. He is disappointed now and planning to shift locations again. Crazy!!!

All Gujjus (people belonging to Gujarat… not necessarily Gujaratis) are obssessed with business. Last month a db approached us for distribution of our products. The db’s cousin wanted to handle the operations. He is working in a leading telecom company but wanted to quit and start something on his own. We were impressed by his enthusiasm and passion. Next week we contacted him and he turned us down. His company had promoted him and all thoughts of “making it on his own” had flown away. Money-minded!!!

Everyone wants to own a business (me too)… I have seen very few succeed and the chances are lesser in this market scenario. My mama had a booming business which is slowly falling apart. He has shifted to a stable job. My cousin has a stable job but he wants to get into business… despite having failed earlier.

Thats it then… All days till Sat will be long ones… and month end is coming… it is going to be a super duper bad month.

7 thoughts on “What a day!!!

  1. Respectable ma’am!!!
    Ur every mention of owning business devestates my mental stability and inspires me to quit.
    Take whatever u want… Call it cash, bribe, kick-back, protection money… but dont talk business.
    I wish better movies release soon and you watch them and write about them.

  2. impressive!!! dats one word 2 express ma reaction aft goin thru ur blog….intersted in ur views on diff topics and taste of music…to be honest wiv ya aft readin ur rite up abt the movie gulaal, had a look on utube for its trailer n downloaded the whole mov straight away n dats one movie i never even heard of on this part of the world…enjoyed readin ur blog, thanks!!

  3. Jus torrents really…takes me atleast 2-3 days to finish watchin a movie completely and dont really fancy goin to d cinema, stuck on
    a chair for 2-3. Like to sit at home wiv my pj’s on wit a cup of tea – dats my way of watchin movie…heard A Mighty Heart s a nice one…hav u watched ridley scotts body of lies? Its well nice

    Yeah…keep bloggin, appreaciate it…u tc catch ya l8tr

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