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Hiya… returned from a corporate party few hours back. I don’t understand the purpose of these. In Delhi, we hardly had any… a good lunch or an early dinner once in a while was good enough. After spending 9 hours in office it is so damn difficult to network, be funny, charming, to drink for another 4-5 hours. It is exhausting. I liked that I could leave early in Delhi but in Mumbai excuses like “I want to go home… I need to take a train… I am tired… Its late” don’t fly.
There is so much pressure to be a certain kind of person- charming, slightly flirtatious, funny, drinker, smoker. There is no scope to be anything else. You cannot be a quiet person or an introvert. Its like everyone has to be like a robot with the same, standard qualities. There is no appreciation for a diverse group.
I sneaked out at 9.15 pm. I’d rather be home doing my thing than getting bored in another part of the city. And Hard Rock Cafe in Mumbai sucks. They didn’t play 1 rock song till 9.15 pm.
I am from Gujarat where the only drinking was at home and we looked down on our uncles who drank… ‘coz they were drunkards and could not hold their liquor  My parents disapprove of drinking and smoking. I first tasted liquor in engg college and hated it. In B school it was more of a fad. Now I hardly drink… I don’t like the taste… I am afraid of hangovers… I don’t like feeling high… and instead of making me horny, liquor just makes me sleepy. 30 ml of anything can get me high… Also, I have been driving for 4 years and drinking and driving is against my ethics. 
I don’t smoke and don’t like inhaling second hand smoke. Sometimes I wish I could smoke. Its quite an advantage in the corporate world where smoke breaks are also used for networking. But the idea of putting my lungs through that torture is not appealing.
So, I don’t smoke or drink (much) or network … I am so doomed.

Anyway… I have linked the weight loss and beauty blog here. I will revive them tomorrow (technically- today).
I started dieting (healthy eating) last week but then my groceries got over and the whole thing fell of the bandwagon. I joined the super expensive Gold’s Gym ‘coz I don’t have the motivation to work out at home. KC is my mojo and he is not here. I thought being away from KC would give me more time for stuff but I am just not motivated enough.
So, the plan is this:

  • Workout in the gym everyday- preferably in the morning since evenings are not always possible. The good part is- the gym is open till 11 pm. But waking up early will take time. I need to change my sleeping habits
  • Stock up on . Everything goes for a toss if there are no eggs at home. Will buy enough for 2 weeks
  • Make b’fast… I manage to have eggs for b’fast every morning
  • Give up rice… Will switch to brown rice from tomorrow
  • Give up dinner… have stopped having dinner… I eat my last meal before 7 pm and then have soup at home
  • Manage during parties… this is the most difficult part. What are the healthy options in a corporate party??? The starters? The liquor? The “Real” juices? The cold drink? I don’t have a solution to this

4 thoughts on “What a bore!!!

  1. Don’t skip any meal, including dinner. In the long run you could end up having ulcers and acid reflux because of stomach acid eating away your intestine linings.

    Rather than give up dinner, I suggest no carbs for dinner (rice, roti etc) but do have meat by itself…if you can get chicken breast, that will be the best option though I have never seen chicken breast sold as such in India anywhere… at corporate parties, again skip the nan and rotis and attack the meat though it will probably be very awkward..everything else you mentioned is loaded with carbs or sugar or bother…

  2. Hey… so nice to get your advice on this topic. You have been through it all.
    By skipping dinner I mean that I have something heavy around 6/7 pm like dosa or eggs and then have soup at night. I don’t cook non veg very well so chicken/meat is not a possibility for meals.
    I don’t stay hungry at night… instead I eat when I need the energy

  3. Eating when you feel hungry is actually the best option…if you can have 5-6 short meals a day instead of 3 (bfast, lunch and dinner), you will see your weight plummet healthily in no time…just that practically it is difficult to do that in real life unless you are staying at home and are jobless.

    Try meals at 7.30, 10, 1, 3.30, 6, 8.30…it works like a charm..

  4. You have missed my earlier posts… I lost 4 kg doing that. I started again… its not just meals… even a fruit or some nuts or milk is a meal. You just have to eat something healthy every 2 hours. It works but requires prior planning

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