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I have been going to the gym regularly (4-5 days/week… aim is 6 days/week) for the last 2-3 weeks. I am being considered a regular contender since I have received 2 propositions. 2 guys have already proposed… not for marriage/one night stand, silly… to be my personal trainers.

This is how it works in Gold’s Gym:

– You pay 2k/month if you pay for 6 months… which is 12k for 6 months.

– For a personal trainer, the charges start at Rs 5500/month… and go upto Rs7500/month. This is over and above the regular gym charges

I am all for gymming and fitness… and would focus on workout even if I am broke. BUT, 7k/month for a gym??? Specially, since I have worked out at home, without spending a dime (except on the home workout CDs) and lost weight. Weight loss can be free. If I was earning my living out of looking good, 7k is reasonable…  but since I can look as ugly as I want at work, 7k is just paying for vanity.

This is how it started. A trainer called Vijay took special interest. He made me workout twice like a tyrant on 2 occasions. He pushed me to do 100 squats (at one go… not in sets) … and I DID IT!!! I am so going to put that on my resume.

Everytime I went to the gym I would look out for him. In Gold’s gym, regular trainers are given 1 area to cover- cardio, upper body, lower body, weights. Mostly, they just look bored… don’t pay attention… ignore. So, once when I requested him to help me with upper body workout he had to man the lower body workout. He suggested personal training. “I want THAT tee shirt”. Every category of trainer gets to wear a different tee shirt. He offered me a free personal training session but I was too lazy to go the gym that day.

Today another rolly polly trainer made me work out for an hour. I did squats with 10 kg weights (45 of them). He lectured me on the benefits of personal training. I was confused… if I have to go for PT… who should it be- Vijay or Rolly Polly?

The membership cost has decided for me- none.

I generally workout before dinner. I have started ordering a tiffin which serves Punjabi/Sindhi food. I had Sindhi curry today… yum. Anyway, I was very hungry when I reached home at 7.15 pm and didn’t have the energy for gym. On searching online I figured that workout can be done after dinner as well— wait for 30-60 mins. Wow!!!

There are so many things we assume when it comes to health and fitness. It is difficult to figure out the grain from the husk. I still don’t know whats the right thing to do.

Sure, things like avoid fried food, desserts, beverages etc is easy. No doubts about these.

But, what about below:

– Should I have dinner?

– Is it ok to have rice in limited quantity?

– Can I eat a mango?

– Can I eat a banana?

– Can I eat a coconut? As in… drink coconut water and have the malai

I wish there was a fool proof guide to health and fitness.


4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Diary

  1. Actually Anita… weight loss is about counting each calorie. I wish I could everything and yet lose weight… unfortunately, it does not work that way. 🙁

  2. There is no right or wrong. Everything is okay to eat and drink provided you exercise moderation. Easy to preach but difficult to follow- moderation is quite tricky to adopt

  3. Should I have dinner?
    Please do. Never skip a meal if only to avoid the risk of ulcers.

    – Is it ok to have rice in limited quantity?
    Define limited. Yes you can have it in limited quantities. Try not to have it everyday though (carbs) and if possible, try to have it at lunchtime instead of dinner

    – Can I eat a mango?
    I personally believe all fruits are good when eaten as the fruit itself and not other forms of it. (e.g. mango juice). Fruits fill you up, have a tonne of good stuff and most importantly, are not processed.

    – Can I eat a banana?
    Banana and kiwi are two fruits you can have but possibly only around breakfast time. They are both loaded with carbs and fat respectively but like I said, they also have a tonne of good stuff. Eat in the daytime so that you burn off the calories during the day

    – Can I eat a coconut? As in… drink coconut water and have the malai
    Coconut water, again, is really healthy. I wouldn’t eat the meat a whole lot though never mind the fact that the coconut is the only source of a saturated fat that is good for you. If you do have the meat, have only the raw version (and not the way you would use it in indian curries etc). The tender coconut meat is always better than the ripe coconut meat from a taste and a health perspective.

    • Hi… thanks… that does clear a few things. I have tried to give up rice… and given up. Will try again… atleast for dinner.

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