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I have been meaning to write about stuff we have been upto over the weekends…

Here it goes…
  • We watched stand up comedy “Nothing Like Anything” by Kunal Roy Kapur and Anuvab Pal. Its is the first stand up comedy I have seen live. I hate the shows on TV. They are so pathetic with Archana Puran Singh and Sidhu laughing over nothing. Kunal is the actor in Delhi Belly… but I know him better as Jay’s friend in ‘Just Mohabbat’. It was ok… not bad… not earth shattering… a welcome change from dreadful movies. I like that Gurgaon has a cultural hub called ‘Epicentre’ where plays, cultural programmes are screened as often as in Delhi. I also wondered if I was over dressed for a play but the glitterati put my mind at ease. Epicentre is where the high class come for a dose of culture. After all, the tickets are priced higher than multiplexes. There were ladies with LV bags and stuff.
  • We had dinner at Drift- the restaurant at Epicentre. I have read rave reviews about it. We had Indian non veg. It was very, very good. Service is very slow but otherwise its good. Oh, and it is priced high. I would visit again on a special occasion only.
  • The Hunger Games: I had overlooked this movie but a friend’s review on fb got me interested. We watched it last weekend and I liked it. It is a kids movie… it had the potential to become a thriller for adults but kids are the target segment… so, it is slow and violence has been toned down. I read that it is based on a book and I purchased it today. Very excited about reading it. Please do watch the movie…
  • Godaan by Munshi Premchand: I have grown up reading Hindi stories in the textbooks in school by Munshi Premchand. He is a very famous writer. I picked up the book from the library and have taken my time finishing it. It is the story of the farmers and zamindars before independence. I don’t think the situation has changed much- for the farmers, at least. It is a very touching book… Initially, I thought it would be quite depressing but its not. Despite the storyline, it is not depressing. Worth a read.
  • TGIF: I really like TGIF…. not a place I would visit every weekend, but maybe once in 2-3 months. The other day- KC, a friend and I met up for lunch there. They have a seperate menu for lunch where you can order any 6 dishes (3 have to be main course) for 300 bucks per head. The quantity is lesser than the normal menu but its a good deal. Do try it. Btw, it is only for lunch- Monday to Friday.

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