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I had a hectic week… travelling to Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Bhayender etc. By Saturday morning I was so exhausted I could not move and called in sick at work.

In the evening KC and I headed to Bandra for a change of scene. I refused to drive and we hailed a cab. On the way KC expressed the wish for sausages.
I will have to digress a little here…. As a kid I read about sausages in Enid Blyton and could only imagine what they taste like. The most vivid description was in the book called ’20 years under the bed’ about a kid called Dennis. I first tasted sausages in Goa and then in USA. I tried cooking the frozen sausages available in the market but they sucked. The only 2 places in Mumbai which serve sausages (that I know of) are Potpourri and Mocha. The ones in Mocha come in a slightly sweet sauce as a side order costing 30 bucks. KC and I have ordered 3 plates in one session. The ones in Potpourri cost around 150 bucks and are served with onion sauce and mashed potatoes.
Anyway… coming back… I googled Potpourri in Bandra. There is one outlet on Turner road. The search began. We circled the area twice without success. Finally we realized the outlet has been replaced by Lemon Grass.
After spending time in Bandstand we headed to Kareem’s for dinner. But KC changed his mind… we ended up at Open Affair on Carter Road. I was reluctant to try a place I have not heard about and googled reviews. Yep… I do take it too far… I was googling reviews while KC was ordering. We ordered a Pahadi kabab which were soft, juicy and yum. The reviews had described it hard. Main course was Risotto. These days I cannot bring up Italian food in front of KC.. he has been scarred in B’glore by 2 Italian meals back to back. Risotto is short grained rice served with a sauce… cheese sauce in this case. The food was good and total value for money.
I was happy to be back home by 10 pm and sipping a glass of wine while watching 2 and a half men season 1.
Everytime we are in Bandra I get this greedy longing. KC recognizes the look too well. The beautiful, expensive flats near the sea (not necessarily overlooking it) make me yearn for one. Ok… ok… I know Bandra is crowded… the traffic sucks and living there would be as much hell as heaven… and yet… what’s the point of being in Mumbai if I am not near the sea. Mumbai is about the sea… not the suburbs. But… this is the only city in India where the divide between haves and have nots is gigantic. I can imagine living in the poshest areas of any other city- B’glore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Hyderabad, A’bad… but not in Mumbai. And thats why I am bugged of it. It constantly makes me feel poor.
Risotto is a dish I will try next weekend… once my gas connection is restored. Anyone here with good recipes?

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  1. @ RT: I am not sure I want to live in such crowded places… it is very confusing. I am ashamed… but what to do… I am too dependent on technology

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