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I hate hate hate grocery shopping on the weekend.. specially on Saturday evenings. But… weekdays are too busy to spare time for it.

This is the scene on Sat evenings in the hypermarket near my house:
  • There are kids everywhere… with parents, without parents, in the trolleys, pushing the trolleys… every aisle, corner, category
  • The husbands are holding kids while the wife shops. Generally they wait right in the middle of the path
  • The husbands are pushing trolleys while the wife browses
  • The husbands are ogling other women’s butt while wife not watching
  • Kids are reading comics and walking… slowing down everyone behind them
  • Husbands are shopping alone… with lists handed over by the wife
  • Bachelors are shopping

I am watching ‘Rudaali’ on DD (yup, it still exists). Atleast there is one channel which shows good movies. I miss the good old days when DD showed regional films with subtitles on Sunday afternoon.My granny would watch them without fail. It is strange that none of the movie channels screen art movies.

4 thoughts on “Weekend grocery shopping

  1. I have discontinued the super-store time waste. Watching cho-chweet kids ain’t incentive enough. I am happy to pay premium to around-the-corner-store. For the scarse luxuaries, I can visit super-store once a month. Sunday early mornings are best times.

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