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There is a major review on Monday and I am working on it over the weekend which is quite a bummer. This is the 3rd review in the last 6 months but the most important one.

I have barely travelled this month and the plan is to travel to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurgaon and maybe 1 one more city in July.

Anyway, it is time for sales this month. Some of them have already started. I wish there was information somewhere when the sale will begin in each store. It helps plan better. What I am going to do is give you an update as and when I get to know. Below are the sales which have started:

– Elle: Upto 60% off

I don’t really like Elle. The clothes are nothing unique. I had visited their 1st store in DLF Place, Delhi and was surprised by the prices. I had expected it to be more expensive. Why open a store with mediocre clothes? Anyway, if you shop at Elle … do visit the store. If you don’t, you can visit in case you find something decent. I bought 2 culottes for 750 bucks each. I bought the same style in different colours (purple and florescent green) … since it is quite difficult to find them. Don’t know what a culotte is? Below is a picture. They can be much shorter or even longer. I bought knee length ones.




– Vero Moda and Only: Upto 70% off.

The clothes look good but I have not shopped much from this brand. I don’t know why. I don’t seem to like anything when I am in the store. Today I picked up 9 items … stood in a long queue for 20 mins… and none of them fit well. Everything was too tight or too loose. Weird!!! But, money saved.

– Kazo: Flat 50% for 2 days- today and tomorrow

I had bought a Kazo tee online on fashionandyou.com and it did not survive too many washes. I have been wary of this brand… specially ‘coz it is pricey. I never shop here at regular prices. I was surprised to see a flat 50% off. The prices seem reasonable now and I picked up yellow leggings for 900 bucks… (Now, I have leggings in white, dark blue, denim design, turquoise blue, mint and pants in green, pink, red, fluorescent green etc). Yes, I want one in every colour. I also bought a dress/tunic for 900 bucks. If there is a store near you, do visit it tomorrow.

– Max: Upto 50% off

Many times I have found something cheap and nice in this store. The quality is mediocre but for the value prices it is good enough. I generally buy my night shirts from here since they are cheap and cute. The store at Ghatkopar is not very good so did not find anything decent. If there is a good store near you, do check it out.

– Sales in Puma, Reebok, Adidas: I have enough and more fitness wear so did not check them out. But the sale has started

– Steve Madden: Flat 50% off

The store is at Kurla which is too far away and the footwear is too pricey even at 50% off. I will probably visit at the very end when prices are further slashed on leftover items. I did manage to find a pair of flats in the last sale for around 1000 bucks.

Zara, Promod and Mango sales will either start next weekend or the weekend after. They refused to divulge the exact dates when I called the stores. Yes, I called them to check. These sales should be visited on the 1st day to find the best stuff and then in last week to find stuff with reduced prices.

I am waiting for Promod mainly… it is my favourite brand but too pricey. So, I shop twice a year during the sale. And then I pick up whatever I like irrespective of whether I need it. Zara quality sucks and I am wary of spending money in the store. Anything more than 1500 bucks is a no no for me.

I also visited the newly opened Forever 21 store at Infinity Mall, Malad 2 weeks back. Strangely I came across trousers I bought from Delhi store 3 months back. Forever 21 Delhi keeps their assortment updated and rarely have I come across the same clothes on my monthly visit. I guess Mumbai has the old assortment which is a drag. Also, the jewellery section does not have as much range. The footwear section is better than Delhi though. But overall, I prefer the Delhi store. It is better managed… has better clothes… is very well merchandised. The Mumbai store is completely cluttered and there is no clear demarcation between sections.


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