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The above BMA is only for last 1 week instead of 2 weeks because I was ill and travelling last week and hence, didn’t work out. In fact, I hardly ate anything that week and decided to skip the BMA.

These are not just numbers. They are my hard work, will power, consistency and commitment. It is time away from family, friends and sometimes, work. Each week denotes a struggle- to make fewer mistakes than the previous week, manage work and travel, eat right even when colleagues tell me “There is only one life. You live it to the fullest” while eating jalebis at 10 pm, turn down social invitations if they will hamper morning workouts, sleep on time, wake up early morning etc etc.

Is this the fittest I have been? No. But am so close to those numbers. One more week and I will get there. After that, any result is a bonus.

You may think of it as only 3.2 kg loss in 7 weeks. For me, they translate to:

  • Muscles on my legs and arms. Muscles I can see and even people around me. How many women do you know who have muscles? Even women fitter than me in TRX don’t have them.
  • Drool worthy calves. I have a calves obsession, which started when I saw Milind Soman running during my very first 10 km run. I tend to notice calves of runners and was very disappointed by mine. Right now, am pretty happy with them.
  • I have 2 shorts which I bought a year back but they didn’t fit. Today, I fit into both. I remember trying them on 3 months back and putting them away.
  • 3.2 kgs in 7 weeks = 9.6 kgs in 21 weeks. I need another 6 months to get into awesome shape. Do I have 6 months? Of course. I have my whole life.
  • Being comfortable enough to not wear shapewear. I think shapewear is great but I prefer to hide my fat. If you can see the rolls of fat, I won’t wear the garment. Right now, I don’t mind showing the fat because it reminds me how far I have come and how much more I need to work on.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not focussing or thinking about results. I make a weekly plan and try and follow it. Even when I step on the BMA machine, I already know what the result is going to be. Just follow the process, the results will come.

The best part about fitness is that we compete with our own demons.

Now I really need to sleep because I won’t be getting too much sleep for the next few days due to hectic travel. Good night.


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