Week 3 Results

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Hi guys. A super quick post and then I need to doze off since the clock at the swimming pool is 10 mins fast and I need to reach there on (before) time for the 14 laps.

I was nervous about the BMA today but not as nervous as last week. The workouts have been fine. I have made up for whatever I missed in the last week… mostly. The food choices have not been the best and need more work. But all in all, not a bad week.

And well… the results are superb.


21 days equals

– 2 kg fat loss which looks like 5 kg weight loss

– Muscle gain

– Loose clothes. I wear UK 10 and everything fits me well

– A super sexy butt. The 200 squats per week are doing a fantastic job

– Haven’t yet reached 57 kgs. Am still hovering at 59 kgs but I don’t care. As long as I lose fat, I don’t care what the scale says

– I have eaten everything – rice, mangoes, dessert, pizza (today- only 1 tiny slice), cold drinks, sandwich etc etc. In limited amounts though

– Double chin has mostly disappeared

– I can see my collarbones and they look damn good

– KC told me I have lost weight on my thighs

– The physiotherapist saw me after 2 months and asked how I lost 5 kgs

– Increase in BMR (Basal metabolic rate)

– In the top 10% in any of the group classes at Fitness First

– Smaller boobs. The only con but I can live with it. Welcome- extra padded bras. Kidding.


– The current strength training routine is working fine now because am working out at my maximum intensity

– Need to eat more protein

– Need to eat less candies

– Need to make smarter food choices

– Be more regular with workouts

– Wondering if I should start running 10 km on weekdays instead of 5km. I thoroughly enjoyed today’s run… maybe because of the weather

How are you doing?

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