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As excited as I was last week for the BMA, I dreaded it today. Simply because it hasn’t been the best week.

– I had oily food on Sunday afternoon, dahi bhallas on Friday, lots of rice on Sunday night … etc etc

– I didn’t strength train on Monday because I got laser for underarms hair reduction and the doctor asked me not to sweat for 24 hours

– I was travelling on Tuesday so skipped workout was skipped which is ok because it was planned as a rest day

– Travelling means I ended up eating kebabs and rice at Peter Cat, Kolkata and sandwiches on the flight. But yes, it was better than usual. I didn’t eat any other crap.

– I skipped my swim/run on Wednesday morning because I slept late.

– All the hard work of the long run on Sunday and the TRX last Friday were undone in these few days.

BUT…. all is not lost

– I am back on track since Wednesday evening.

– The results are positive.

Week 2 was going to be a bigger challenger but am sure week 3 will be better.


– Lost 200 gms of fat against a target of 500 gm

– Why am I losing muscle mass? Is it the excessive cardio?

How is your week coming along? Any changes? Improvements? Are you still with me or have you given up?

All in all, consistency is key. If I give up now I will never get there. And everyday matters. If one day was bad, there is always the next day to get back on track.

4 thoughts on “Week 2 results

  1. Buls…extremely informative post…good job on ur progress dear..Can i ask u one question here if u don’t mind? has ur experience with that laser thing? Also, how do u get ur BMA done every week?

    have been running once a week as much progress i can make…also have started some sprint on treadmill as well and some road biking 🙂
    will look at ur food chart as well…but honestly u have all the tasty nice stuff in ur chart every week? is that what still gives u such amazing results?..:)

    Will look fwd for ur reply 🙂

  2. Hi Hini
    – I only got 1 session done and it is too early for me to tell you anything. I still have 6 sessions more spread over the next 6 months. I will write a post once am done with it

    – My gym has a BMA machine. Most gyms these days have it. The numbers vary from machine to machine but it is about tracking your progress rather than getting fixated on actual numbers

    – I eat according to how much I workout and I exercise for 1.5-2 hours everyday intensely. So, I do eat more. If you workout less, your food intake should be lesser. As for tasty food, who said healthy has to be bland and boring? I just eat normal ghar ka khana because that is easiest for me to follow. Also, my food choices are not perfect but that is what I am trying to change by writing it down everyday

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