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Hellos… How is your fitness and food challenge going on? Are you on track? Have you cheated? Is it good, bad or ugly?

You can keep reading about my journey on this blog.

I did my BMA today and was blown by the results.

  • 23rd April : 61.1 kg
  • 30th April : 59.1 kg
  • 2 kgs weight loss in 1 week is fabulous

Just a few disclaimers:

– I started eating clean at the end of March and reached 59 kgs from 62 kgs. But 5 days of eating crap around the 18th threw me off track. So getting back to the same weight by eating clean has not been THAT big a challenge. It starts now… reaching below 59 kgs is going to be a tough task

– I was about to start my periods when I started the challenge and women gain weight around that time. I think it is because of water retention. The gain is a few hundred grams and reduces as soon as periods are done. Maybe my starting weight was higher because of periods…  am not sure

And here are the BMA results. Periods cannot skew the fat and muscle mass so these are accurate and reliable.


– I have lost 800 gm of fat which is pretty good. I was targeting 500 gm/week loss

– I have also lost 500 gm of muscles which is not good news. But

  • in the past whenever I have lost fat, it has been accompanied by muscles loss so am not worried
  • maybe the muscle loss is because of high intense cardio. My strength training has not been as intense because of a new workout plan and I start slow after a break. Next week the intensity will be higher
  • The focus is on fat loss. I don’t care if I gain or lose muscles right now. It is not possible to lose fat and gain muscles at the same time because you need to eat less for the former and eat more for the latter

– Total loss : 1.3 kg… not bad, not bad at all

Target and plan for week 2?

– Reach 57 kgs

– 0.8-1 kg of fat loss

– Try and maintain the muscles mass

– I will eat what and how much I have been eating till now

– Workout plan remains the same

If I reach 57 kgs this week I will get a tattoo. Suggestions for the tattoo design and location most welcome.

4 thoughts on “Week 1 Results

  1. He he ., this is awesome .,

    And cool about the tattoo .. On the hand .,right below your palms 🙂 in vertical ☺️☺️
    That’s is where I want to get it done my next one 😉

  2. Buls… Need your clean eating plan plzzz
    Becas no matter hw much inworkout i m not seeing fat loss so need ur suggestion

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