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Stuff I have been watching these days

  • Haraamkhor

I wanted to watch this movie when it released by KC refused to accompany me. It is available on Netflix for viewing. Starring Nawazuddin and Shweta Tripathi, this flick is about the affair between a teacher and his 14 year old student in a small town. The affair should make you go ugh but the subject is treated very well. Not that it isn’t creepy. Nawazuddin is married and only wants to sleep with Shweta. While Shweta does not have a mother and her father is barely home and this affair is the only joyful thing in her life. I know many girls who had affairs with older men when I was in a hostel. It is quite common. I loved the movie. Do catch it online. The fact that a Bollywood movie on this subject has been made and released in India is a big deal.

  • Lion

I watched this movie yesterday and loved it. It may have left me cold if it wasn’t based on a true story. A kid from the slums gets separated from his brother and family. He does not even remember his mother’s full name or the name of his village. He is adopted by Australian parents (Nicole Kidman) from the orphanage and grows up as a privileged kid. 20 years later the memories come flooding back and he tries to find his name. Dev Patel is awesome. Worth a watch.

  • Riverdale

This is the modern day version of the Archie’s comics. Throw away all your innocence out of the window. Archie is sleeping with his teacher, Betty’s dark side is waiting to break through her perfection, Veronica’s parents have lost all their money and there is a murderer on the loose and Jughead is so sensible. If I ignore the inspiration from the comics, the series has nothing new to offer. But keeping the comic in mind, I like the dark take. It is too early to judge basis 1 season and am waiting for season 2 to make up my mind. Check it out on Netflix.

  • House of Cards

I know. I know. The entire world has already watched it. I tried watching it a year back but could not understand all the politics. Now am watching with subtitles on Netflix. I download episodes on the iPad and watch them in the cab or auto during the commute. Traffic makes me happy. Reading has gone for a toss because am spending every spare minute on Netflix.

What are you watching right now? Anything interesting?

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  1. I am currently watching the crown… Totally riveting. Must watch.

    Just finished with stranger things and that too is highly recommended. (@cityofdreamz on Twitter)

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