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My kitchen looks like a war zone today. I have been experimenting… successfully.

The day began with the maid ringing the door bell at 7 am… the bane of my life… she refuses to come later on Sunday. After cleaning, oiling my hair (weekend ritual), face pack (bi/tri weekly ritual) I tried my hand at making pancakes. I first tasted them in USA… my sis would call this guy who makes amazing pancakes, inquire his whereabouts (he operated a moving deli and would station himself in different locations) and then take a cab to the place to purchase pancakes. Pancakes come with all kinds of toppings… maple syrup, blueberry sauce, whipped cream, chocolate sauce etc. Unfortunately, they are a rarity in India… we have a chain which retails doughnuts but no pancakes or waffles. Doughnuts are too American… I have never liked them. Pancakes are also liked by a very niche crowd. Mc Donald’s has pancakes as a part of their B’fast menu in premium outlets (e.g Phoenix Mills).

Anyway…. after a lot of research online the ingredients were purchased and pancakes cooked for b’fast… and I’m loving it.
Lunch consisted of soya bean and potato sabzi… another first for me. It was good.
Dinner was dosa, sambhar and coconut chutney… all prepared at home.
I made the coconut chutney and green sandwich chutney on Sat night.
People like to eat out and party on Sat and Sunday… I prefer to eat at home… I get enough time to cook and experiment.
Watched the movie ‘Twilight’ which is based on the book of same title by ‘Stephanie Meyer’. I liked it… but… someone who has not read the book may not like it too much.
I found a really nice DVD library in Mulund- near the Nahur station. It is owned and run by a couple. The charges are astronomical (Rs 1000 for lifetime membership- non refundable)… Rs 99 per DVD. The DVDs are picked up and dropped by their executives. The collection has only original DVDs… even of Hollywood movies unreleased in India… Totally worth it!!! It is so much better than the dingy dvd libraries where the shady guy stock only ‘popular’ movies. They also have a website where the movie details are updated regularly… and the membership kit contains a list of the movie titles available with them which is delivered at home. Very impressive.

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  1. Really? I thought the rental is very high… pancakes are generally bland… the topping of maple syrup or honey makes them sweet. You can make them sweet also.

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